Why Do Bike Helmets Have Holes? Find Out Why!

Importance of Bicycle Helmet

Bike helmets come in different colors and shapes, but most have a common trait, the presence of holes. We often overlook this common trait, but have you ever wondered, ‘why do bike helmets have holes?’  There is no doubt that bike helmet holes play a crucial part. Though some assume it’s a manufacturer’s design, bike … Read more

What Size Bike for 8 Year Old? (Kids’ Bike Size Guide)

what size bike for 8 year old

Getting the right bike size for your eight-year-old can be difficult, particularly if you don’t know their height and inseam length. So, the question that usually pops up is what size bike for 8 year old? Your eight-year-old can ride either a 20-inch or a 24-inch bike. That means they need to be 4’0″ to 4′ … Read more

What Size Bike for 7 Year Old? (Kids Bike Size)

What Size Bike for 7 Year Old Boy

Getting the right bike size for your kid is the start of your kid’s cycling journey. Since your kid is seven years old, the question you need to ask is, what size bike for 7 year old? A seven-year-old can comfortably ride an 18-inch or a 20-inch bike. However, they need to be 3’9″ – … Read more

Realistically, What Size Bike Do I Need for My Child?

Kids Bike Sizes Chart

While it could be easy to buy an adult-size bike, especially when you are of medium height, getting a picture-perfect kids’ bike is often challenging. You’ve to ask, what size bike do I need for my child? Your child can ride a 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, 20-inch, or 24-inch, depending on age, inseam, and height. … Read more

Are Trek Bikes Good? Trek Bikes Reviewed!

are Trek bikes good

If you have heard of Trek bikes, the question that comes to mind is, are Trek bikes good? Should you spend money on these highly rated bikes, given they cost an arm and a leg? Trek bikes are good due to their impressive frame technology, great suspension setup, excellent braking technology, and limited lifetime warranty … Read more

What Size Bike for 6 Year Old? (The Ultimate Guide!)

“Daddy, buy me a bike.” We are all familiar with this statement, which usually catches us off-guard. So what rings on your mind next is what size bike for 6 year old? The bike size for a 6-year-old depends on two significant parameters, height, and inseam (inside leg). They can comfortably cycle a bike with … Read more

Does Cycling Burn Fat On Thighs? (Explained by Research!)

does cycling burn fat on thighs

Cycling is an effective exercise for burning fat. We all know that it does burn your belly fat and tone muscles. But does cycling burn fat on thighs? Well, the truth is that cycling does burn your thigh fat. But to achieve great results, you need consistency and commitment in your cycling regime. You must … Read more