Why Do Bike Helmets Have Holes? Find Out Why!

Importance of Bicycle Helmet

Bike helmets come in different colors and shapes, but most have a common trait, the presence of holes. We often overlook this common trait, but have you ever wondered, ‘why do bike helmets have holes?’  There is no doubt that bike helmet holes play a crucial part. Though some assume it’s a manufacturer’s design, bike … Read more

Are Full Face Helmets Safer? (Pros Vs Cons)

are full face helmets safer

Full face helmets have gained popularity over the years. Maybe you have heard of them and wondered, are full face helmets safer? Full face helmets have a few advantages that make them safer than their open-face siblings. Among them are head and face protection, cool feel, extra cushioning, and protection from debris and bugs, and … Read more

MIPS Vs WaveCel Helmet: Which Helmet Protects Better?

Nowadays, helmet manufacturers employ Brain Protection System (BPS) during construction, the leading being MIPS and WaveCel technologies. But who wins the MIPS vs WaveCel helmet battle? The MIPS technology protects your brain tissues from injury resulting from the rotational force in angled impacts. On the other hand, WaveCel technology is intended to reduce both rotational … Read more

Are Giro Helmets Good Quality? (4 Reasons Shared!)

are Giro helmets good quality

Dating to 1985, Giro is one of the leading manufacturers of cycling helmets. But despite the brand’s fame and many years in the cycling market, are Giro helmets good quality? Giro helmets are good quality because they use Brain Protection System technologies like MIPS and Spherical Technology to offer optimal brain protection. Moreover, these helmets … Read more