Does Cycling Burn Fat On Thighs? (Explained by Research!)

does cycling burn fat on thighs

Cycling is an effective exercise for burning fat. We all know that it does burn your belly fat and tone muscles. But does cycling burn fat on thighs? Well, the truth is that cycling does burn your thigh fat. But to achieve great results, you need consistency and commitment in your cycling regime. You must … Read more

What Muscles Does Cycling Tone? (6 Muscles Explained!)

what muscles does cycling tone

Cycling has many health and fitness benefits for the body, and one of the fitness benefits is muscle toning. But what muscles does cycling tone? Cycling tones your upper and lower body muscles. Some of the muscles that cycling tones include the calf muscles, thigh muscles, core muscles, arm muscles, glutes, and the muscles on … Read more

Nowadays, Is It Illegal to Ride a Bike Without a Helmet?

Is It Legal to Ride a Bike Without Helmet

We all know the head and brain protection benefits of a bike helmet. Nonetheless, most of us don’t know whether it is unlawful not to wear one, thus asking whether it’s illegal to ride a bike without a helmet. While no federal legislation in the United States mandates wearing helmets while cycling, most states and … Read more

Is Biking Good Cardio? (What Studies Say!)

Is biking good cardio

We all cycle for different goals. Some ride a bike for weight loss, and others do it to enhance their brainpower and mood. What if you want to cycle for good heart health? Is biking good cardio? Experts argue that biking can be a good cardio workout if you cycle at least three days a … Read more

What Does Cycling Do for Your Body? (5+ Cycling Gains & Risks)

What does cycling do for your body

Cycling is addictive, but most of us cycle for fun or commuting reasons. But is that the only reason you should cycle? What does cycling do for your body? Interestingly, cycling has numerous effects on the body. It tones the muscles, burns calories, improves coordination and posture, strengthens the core and legs, and improves stamina … Read more

Nowadays, Can You Get a DUI On a Bicycle? (Explained!)

Is It Illegal to Ride a Bike While Drunk

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated, either by drugs or alcohol, is illegal, and you could face serious fines and court summoning. While that mainly pertains to motor vehicles, can you get a DUI on a bicycle? Let’s start by clearly stating that riding a bike while under the influence is not safe. Nonetheless, getting a … Read more