Is Cycling Bad for Knees? (Research Answers!)

is cycling bad for knees

Cycling is a low-impact and low-injury sport. It aids in strengthening your leg joints and muscles, giving you an overall healthy knee. But as it’s highly repetitive, you may ask, is cycling bad for knees? According to a 2017 Journal of Community and Family Medicine research, 16% of pro and 27% of beginner riders experience … Read more

Why Do BMX Bikes Make Noise? 7 Reasons Explained!

Why Do BMX Bikes Make Noise

100% of bikes make a noise – some more than others. The trick is in identifying whether the noise is good or bad. If you’re here, it probably means the noise you’re hearing from your BMX bike is continuous and isn’t good. So, why do BMX bikes make noise? Generally, BMX bikes make noise for … Read more

Is BMX an Olympic Sport? (Quick Answer!)

It’s every professional cyclist’s dream to compete at the Olympics, and that includes BMX die-hards. We want to showcase our stunts and possibly win a medal for ourselves and our country. But is BMX an Olympic sport? The International Olympic Committee (IOC) introduced BMX racing during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and just recently, during the … Read more

Is BMX a Sport? (Quick Answer Explained!)

Is BMX A Sport

There are so many theories about BMX that are often confusing. Some say BMX is a bike brand, and others, it’s a cycling event. Some think it’s a sport. So, is BMX a sport? BMX is an internationally recognized sport by the International Olympics Committee (IOC). Furthermore, BMX riding lives up to the definition of … Read more