But What Size Bike for A 4 Year Old Kid? (Kids’ Bike Size)

Your child has just clocked four years, and you realize they need a bike. Your concern, however, is, what size bike for a 4 year old?

4-year-olds can ride a 14-inch or 16-inch kids’ bike, depending on their inseam or height. 14 inch bikes are best for kids who are 3´1´´ – 3´7´´ tall with an inseam of 16 – 20´´ while 16 inch bikes suit those who are 3´7´´ – 4´0´´ or with an inseam of 18 – 22´´.

So, ideally, you’ve to factor in the height or inseam of your child or even both when deciding what bike size suits them. I’ll provide you with a kids’ bike sizing chart and a quick guide to help you measure your kid’s correct inseam and height. 

Moreover, we’ll look at the types of bikes that 4-year-olds can ride. Let’s jump into it!

In a hurry? Below are the best bikes for 4-year-olds:

Bikes for 4 Year Old

3 Hottest Bikes for 4 Year Old

  1. Joystar 14/16 Inch Balance Bike – Best Balance Bike for 4-Year-Olds
  2. Schwinn Krate Evo Classic Kids Bike – Best Pedal Bike for 4-Year-Old Boys
  3. Royal Baby Kids Bike Cube Tube – Best Pedal Bike for 4-Year-Old Girls 

What Size Bike for A 4-Year-Old Boy or Girl?

You can determine the correct bike size for your 4-year-old by considering their height, inseam, or both. Let’s look at the relevant size charts.

Kids Bike Size Chart by Height

Below is a size chart for different heights. Use it to determine what wheel size suits your child, depending on age and height. 

Child’s Age Child’s Height Wheel Size
2 – 3 years 2’10” – 3’4″ (85 – 100 cm)12″
3 – 4 years 3’1″ – 3’7″ (95 – 110 cm)14″
4 – 5 years 3’7″ – 4’10” (110 – 120 cm)16″
5 – 8 years 4’0″ – 4’5″ (120 – 135 cm)20″
8 – 11 years 4’5″ – 4’9″ (135 – 145 cm)24″

From the table below, 4-year-olds who are 3’1″– 3’7″ tall (or 95 – 110 cm) can ride a 14-inch kids bike, while those who are 3’7”-4’0″ tall (or 110 – 120 cm) should get a 10-inch bike. Remember, we are talking about the wheel size when inferring to 14 inches and 16 inches. 

Kids Bike Size Chart by Inseam

Since it’s essential that your 4-year-old can sit upright and touch the feet on the pedals or ground, you should consider their inseam length. Here’s a sizing chart to help you with that.

Child’s Age Inseam Length Wheel Size
2 – 3 years 14 – 17″ (35 – 42 cm)12″
3 – 4 years 16 – 20″ (40 – 54 cm)14″
4 – 5 years 18 – 22″ (45 – 55 cm)16″
5 – 8 years 22 – 25″ (55 – 63 cm)20″
8 – 11 years 24 – 28″ 60 – 72 cm)24″

The table shows that 4-year-olds with an inseam of 16 – 20″ can ride 14-inch bikes, while those with an inseam of 18 – 22 can ride 16-inch bikes. 

How to Measure Bike Size for Kid?

Now that you know your 4-year-old needs a 14-inch or 16-inch bike, how do you choose between the two? Well, you’ve to measure your kid’s height or inseam if you don’t know or are not planning to buy the bike in a physical shop where the kid can try it. 

Kids Bike Size Chart by Height

Let’s talk about how to do it. 

How to Measure Your Kid’s Inseam Length?

You need a tape measure and textbook (or any hardcover book) to carry out this little procedure, and here’s how to do it: 

  • Ask your child to stand upright against a wall while the legs are shoulder-width apart
  • Then put the book between the legs and push it high but don’t hurt the kid
  • Then measure the distance from the book’s top to the ground to determine whether the kid needs a 12- or 14-inch bike. 

How to Measure Your Child’s Height?

Your child should take the same position as above (stand straight against the wall and legs shoulder length apart). You’ll then need to place a textbook on the head and touch the wall, not between the legs. 

After that, measure the distance from the book’s bottom to the ground to determine the child’s height. 

Bike Types for a 4 Year Old 

You can get your 4-year-old a balance bike or a pedal bike with training wheels. Let’s see what they are all about. 

1. Balance Bike for a 4 Year Old 

A balance bike, sometimes known as a pedaless bike, is just what the name suggests. This bike’s purpose is to enable your child to learn to balance. And when they do, they can easily transition to a regular pedal kids’ bike. 

A balance bike builds biking confidence, and that’s what the Joystar 14/16 Inch Balance Bike (check the Amazon link above) promises. This balance bike is available in 14- and 16-inch options to suit 4-year-olds with different heights; your kid can grow with it for up to 8 years. 

It’s lightweight, fun to ride by kids, and safe, owing to its clipper brakes. 

Its pneumatic tires easily roll over bumpy surfaces, allowing your child to ride outdoors. Plus, there’s a u shaped footrest for the young rider to rest their feet as they cost.

2. Pedal Bike with Training Wheels for 4 Year Old Boy

Once your 4-year-old learns to balance, you can get them a pedal bike. You can skip the balance bike and get a pedal bike with training wheels. The training wheels, sometimes known as stabilizers, will boost the bike’s balance and enable the little one to pedal independently. 

And once they are confident pedaling and balancing, you can detach the stabilizers to allow the child to ride without them. 

One bike for a 4-year-old boy that promises that is the Schwinn Krate Evo Classic Kids Bike (Check Amazon link above). Walk your 4-year-old down memory lane with this classic kids’ bike by Schwinn. 

It has a bossy stingray-inspired appeal that rarely goes unnoticed and is available in multiple colors. The Schwinn Krate Evo Classic is best for kids aged 3 – 5 years and comes with removable stabilizers. 

So, your child can ride it for at least a year. The bike features a suspension fork for smoothening the bumps and is fun to ride. 

Its alternative pick is the RoyalBaby Kids Bike Cubetube (Check the Amazon link above). A 4-year-old can ride a 12-inch, 14-inch, or 16-inch when it comes to this kids’ bike. It all depends on the young rider’s height. 

The bike looks pretty, safe, and friendly, even for those kids who’ve never ridden a bike. 

How to Measure Bike Size for Kid

How to Help Your 4-Year-Old to Ride a Bike?

Here are the tips to use:

  • Start with a balance bike if the child has never ridden a bike before
  • If you choose a pedal bike with training wheels, ensure it’s the right size and the child can maneuver it
  • Choose a low-traffic smooth surface
  • Get the child a helmet and every other essential bike safety gear (check on Amazon)
  • Make it a routine; encourage your child to ride regularly
  • Ri9de along the youngster to inspire confidence
  • Encourage the child after every milestone, however small 
  • Don’t be afraid to take an eye in case the child needs your help

People Also Ask 

1. What Size Bike for a 4-Year-Old Boy?

A 4-year-old boy can ride either a 14-inch bike or a 16-inch bike. A 14-inch bike is best for 3’1″ – 3’7″ tall boys, while a 16-inch option suits those who are 3’7′”– 4’0″ tall. 

2. What Size Bike for A 3 – 4-Year-Old?

A 3-year-old can ride a 12 or 14-inch bike, while a 4-year-old can ride a 14 or 16-inch bike. So, a kid in between can ride a 14-inch bike, especially if they are 3’1″ – 3’7″ tall. 

3. What Size Balance Bike for A 4 Year Old?

A 4-year-old can ride a 14- or 16-inch balance bike, depending on their inseam. If their inseam length is 16 – 20 inches, get a 14-inch balance bike; if it’s 18 – 22 inches, get a 16-inch bike. 

4. What Size Dirt Bike for A 4 Year Old?

A 4-year-old should ride a dirt bike with an engine displacement capacity (cc) above 50cc. Preferably, the dirt bike should be 49cc and below with a 17 – 21″ seat height.

5. What Bike Frame Size is Best for A 4-Year-Old?

Unfortunately, kids’ bikes are not sized according to the frame built according to the wheel size. A 4-year-old can ride a 14- or 16-inch kids’ bike, either a balance bike or a pedal bike with stabilizers.

6. What Size Pedal Bike for A 4 Year Old?

The correct size pedal bike for a 4-year-old is either a 14- or 16-inch bike. A 14-inch pedal bike suits 4-year-olds with an inseam length of 16 – 20 inches, while a 16-inch bike is for those with an inseam of 18 – 22 inches. 

7. What Size Bike Helmet for A 4 Year Old?

Depending on the head circumference, you can get an extra small (below 20 inches) or small (20 – 21.75 inch) bike helmet for a 4-year-old. 

Closing Remarks 

Regarding what size bike for a 4 year old, consider a 14-inch or 16-inch bike depending on the child’s height and inseam. 

Go for a 14-inch bike when the child is 95 – 110 cm tall or with an inseam of 40 – 50 cm. On the other hand, opt for a 16-inch bike when the child is 110 – 120 cm tall or with an inseam of 45 – 55 cm.

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