Can You Ride BMX in The Rain? (Top Tips Shared!)

BMXing in the rain is probably the last thing to think of as a BMX rider. But let’s face it, it’s tempting to take your two-wheel under the heavenly showers and have the roads to yourself, right? But can you ride BMX in the rain?

You can ride a BMX under light rain showers if you have the technical skill to maneuver under wet conditions and your body can bear the wetness and cold. However, the risks of catching a cold, injuring yourself, and damaging your bike are much higher, and so it’s not a good idea.

Having said that, riding in the rain means having the roads to yourself, as I mentioned, as very few road users are outdoors. It also means building your confidence and bike handling, making you an all-rounder.

Plus, there are mental and physical health benefits to doing it. You become more determined to push your body and incite the happy hormone, improving your physical and mental wellbeing.

Overall, BMXing in the rain solely depends on your measures of safety, endurance, and riding experience due to risks like exposure to cold, wetness, slippery roads, and reduced visibility.

Let’s start with why you shouldn’t go BMXing in the rain. We will, later on, look at why you can ride in the rain (though I don’t recommend it).

Can You Ride BMX in The Rain at Night

Why You Shouldn’t Ride BMX in the Rain

While you can ride a BMX bike in the rain, I don’t recommend it for several reasons. They include:

1. Roads are Slippery and Challenging to Maneuver

The roads become very slippery when it rains, making it harder to maneuver the bike around. The condition makes BMXing dangerous, and if you are not careful, you could slide and fall off the bike, hurting yourself.

Remember, BMX bike tires don’t have the best grip in wet conditions. They have less friction when it’s slippery, making them a safety risk.

Also, the fact that most are 20-inch means they don’t have the best control in wet conditions. They lose balance much quicker than big wheels.

The Exception

The exemption here is when you are experienced riding under the rain. The more experienced you are riding in the rain, the easier it becomes to do it.

2. The Danger of Catching a Cold

Though you may be too experienced to maneuver the bike around when it’s slippery, you may not be able to endure the wetness. Riding in the rain means getting wet (unless you are well-geared).

And when you get wet, you expose yourself to cold. Simply put, riding in the rain is like inviting the hospital bed; you wouldn’t want that. It’s least advisable when your immune is not that strong, or you are prone to catching a cold easily.

The Exception

While no one is 100% immune to cold and other wetness-associated conditions, you can ride in the rain if you are well geared. You should at least wear a waterproof suit to keep yourself dry, and that’s where the Foxelli Rain Suit comes in.

This rain suit for men and women is available in all sizes and promises to protect your entire body, including the head, from the rain. It comes with reflective logos that allow other road users to see you from afar.

You also need to shoe your feet with waterproof boots but if you don’t have them, consider getting some shoe covers like the CXWXC Cycling Shoe Covers. These anti-slip shoe covers come in men’s, women’s, and unisex choices with different fitting sizes.

Lastly, don’t forget to protect your hands from the cold by wearing the best BMX cycling gloves.

3. Reduced Visibility

Rain accompanied by heavy and dark clouds means poor visibility. It becomes harder to see the road well when riding your BMX during a heavy downpour.

The Exception

For that reason, you should avoid cycling during heavy downpours. Instead, do it when there are only light showers.

So, if you must, you should wear bright biking apparel to ensure even the car drivers spot you at a far. That will also reduce accidents. Another thing is that you should ride slower in such cases.

4. Thunder and Lightning

You shouldn’t ride a bike when there is thunder and lightning. There are just no exceptions here. Whether you are geared or not, you shouldn’t do it. So, the only time you should ride is when there are light showers.

5. Riding in the Rain Can Damage Your Bike

The wetness from the rain can make your bike’s metal parts rust. For that reason, it’s not advisable to ride in the rain.

Once rust forms, it weakens the metallic parts, hastening their wear.

The Exception

It’s advisable to clean your bike once you get home after riding in the rain. Ensure you get rid of the mud and keep the cycle dry. Mud can damage your bike just as much as water does. And so, avoid it.

Also, it’s good to do a regular bike maintenance routine by lubing the metallic parts, especially the chain using a chain lubricant like the Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube .

Should You Ride a BMX in the Rain?

Obviously, the discussed risks indicate that it’s not a good idea to ride a BMX bike in the rain. But does that mean that you shouldn’t?

Of course not. Provided it’s not a heavy downpour – only light showers – and you have the right gear and your body can endure, you can ride in the rain.

Overall, BMXing in the rain comes with these advantages:

1. All the Roads to Yourself

Most people and bike riders stay indoors when it pours. That means that cycling paths and bike lanes will be emptier, thus giving you more space to ride your bike comfortably.  

Though this benefits you, you should not forget to stay alert as the car drivers won’t have clear visibility, and the roads will be slippery. So, go slow and remain vigilant.

2. Confidence Boost

When riding your BMX in the rain, you must work hard not to slide and fall. That means more effort than you would ordinarily put on dry land.  

You’ll have to endure the stormy weather, strong winds, wetness, and extreme cold, which encourages mental toughness when doing it consistently.

Riding in all these challenging conditions will surely improve your confidence, and you’ll maneuver like a pro when the dry seasons come.             

3. Good Bike Handling Skills 

Riding your BMX in the rain requires nearly perfect handling skills, as you will need to engage your body and mind fully to control the bike. You must skillfully control the brakes and slow down more than usual.

In the long run, the more you endure the harsh wet condition, the better you become at handling the BMX.

4. Physical and Mental Health

Compared to the other forms of working out, BMX riding is good for exercise. Physical benefits include working out your glutes, calves, and quads, which improve your muscle strength without overstressing your joints.

On the other hand, mental benefits include the release of the endorphin hormone, the “feel-good hormone,” which reduces depression and anxiety, helping you avoid stress and catch a sleep.

Riding your bike in the rain gives you the momentum to do it even more as you will need to pedal using much energy. The more intense the riding becomes, the more calories you shed and the fitter you become.

General Tips for Riding a BMX Bike in the Rain

Generally, observe these tips if you choose to ride BMX in the rain:

  • Avoid heavy downpours – only ride when the rain showers are light
  • Avoid lightning or thunder
  • Always wear waterproof clothes, preferably a wet suit with a head cover (or get a helmet if you don’t have one), waterproof shoes or use shoe covers, and gloves
  • Always slow down
  • It may also help to wear a reflective jacket or helmet to let other road users notice you
  • Clean your bike once you get home
  • Don’t forget to get out of the wet clothes and put on dry ones

People Also Ask

1. Can BMX Bikes Get Wet?

BMX bikes can get wet just like any other. That’s why it’s advisable to clean and dry the bike once you get home after riding in the rain. Ensure you properly lube the chain and other metallic parts to protect them from rust. Do that before storing the bike, awaiting your next adventure.

2. Can I Ride My Bike in The Rain?

Though you can ride your BMX bike in the rain, you should do it when there’s no heavy downpour. There’s no denying that riding in the rain improves your bike handling skill and boosts your riding confidence. However, there are risks such as poor visibility, bike damage, slips and falls, and cold.  

So, overall, you must be extra careful, slow down, and ensure you wear the right waterproof clothes to keep yourself dry.

3. Can You Ride BMX in The Rain at Night?

Riding your BMX at night while raining is not highly recommended due to poor visibility, which introduces a high risk of knockdown, sliding off, and bike damage. 

If you opt to do so, you should wear the right rain gear, preferably smoothing reflective, and attach a spotlight on your helmet to shine on your path and improve visibility. But overall, avoid heavy downpours and streets with no lights as the dangers are great.

4. Can You Ride A BMX in The Rain Long Distances?

BMX bikes are generally not suitable for long-distance riding. And given that we are talking about riding in the rain long-distance, it’s even more complicated.

For starters, the bike’s geometry and build don’t favor riding long distances. You’ll get tired quickly. And as far as the rain goes, the rains make the road slippery and trickery to maneuver. Plus, there is the risk of catching a cold.

So, no, you shouldn’t ride a BMX in the rain long distance.

In Summary – Can You Ride BMX in The Rain?

As seen above, BMX bikes are not perfect for riding in the rain. Though taking the bike in the rain will boost your riding confidence and help you get better bike handling skills, you may damage the bike or catch a cold. So, before taking your BMX bike in the rain, it’s wise to evaluate all risks.