Are BMX Bikes Good for Long Distance? (5 Reasons!)

With most racing BMX bikes capable of hitting 35mph or more, it’s tempting to want to ride them long distances. But are BMX bikes good for long distance?

Unfortunately, no! BMX bikes are not good for long distance. BMX bikes have small frames, single gears, low seats, and lack suspension, thus uncomfortable long distances. They also have poor brakes, therefore unreliable in stopping.

Note, however, that there are exceptional cases when you can ride BMX bikes long distances, such as going off-road, as they are better off-road than on-road. You, however, have to do a few upgrades, such as changing the seat and tire.

But overall, BMX bikes are only good for short distances. If you want to go long distances, you may go for a touring, mountain, cyclocross, gravel, or hybrid bike.

Let me explain in detail what I’ve just shared!

Are BMX Bikes Good for Road

5 Reasons BMX Bikes Are Not Good for Long Distance

BMX bikes are generally not suitable for long distances because of the following reasons:

1. BMX Bikes Have Smaller Frames

It’s easy to get tired on a smaller bike than on a bigger one. Sadly, BMX bikes belong to the former. They have a shorter frame which forces you to strain your legs and back. Thus, you may hurt yourself trying to ride long distances unless you pull up the handle.

Besides, you are likely to pedal fast, which may hurt your knees as you won’t have enough room to flex.

2. BMX Bikes Are Single Geared

Gears are essential when taking on long stretches. Unfortunately, for BMX, the bikes only come with one gear (one-speed). That means you have to use the same gear across all terrains and that doesn’t favor going uphill. It only suits riding on plain fields.

So, unless you plan to ride on flats long distances, which is quite unlikely, a BMX bike is not the best option.

3. BMX Bikes Have Low Seats

BMX bikes have low seats to offer you more handling leverage when doing stunts and protect you from hurting your groin area. The seats are not there for you to sit for the reasons I’ve stated. So you are expected to ride while standing.

Unfortunately, you cannot ride long distances while standing. While it doesn’t mean that you cannot sit on a BMX seat, the seat is usually smaller and uncomfortable. Thus, it won’t help if you decide to go a long distance.

4. BMX Bikes Have No Suspension

There is much discomfort when riding long distances, and you need a bike with the suspension to soak some of it. Regrettably, BMX bikes don’t come with suspension, which means your body will likely feel all the impact.

Imagine going through potholes and bumps, and your body has to take it all! It surely must be very uncomfortable and dreadful.

5. BMX Bikes Have Poor Brakes

BMX bikes generally come with the rear brake but don’t have the front brake. A part of that is because you are expected to use your feet to brake.

Overall, you need the most responsive brakes on both wheels to ride long distances, and BMX bikes don’t offer you that. So, it’s a safety risk going on a long trip on a BMX, knowing that its brakes are less reliable.

Where Can You Ride a BMX Long Distance?

While BMX bikes are clearly not the best options for long distances, you can ride long-distance off-road. The experience will be slightly uncomfortable, but you can manage it with slight modifications.

That includes:

  • Raising the seat
  • Getting a new well-padded BMX seat
  • Change the tires – Get options with a grip profile such as those of a mountain bike

Note that this conversion is only recommendable for commuting reasons. If you want to go on a long tour, you should get a touring bike.

Are BMX Bikes Good Off Road

What Bikes Are Good for Long Distance?

While BMX bikes are not the best for long distances, you can go on a long trip with any of these bicycles:

  • Touring bikes – Touring bikes are overall the best for long distances because they are designed for that. Their build quality enables them to withstand the demands of a long ride, and they are physically capable of hauling huge loads and taking on all terrains.
  • Cyclocross bikes – If you are an advanced rider looking to compete long distances, getting a cyclocross is recommendable. You can ride a cyclocross bike on all terrains like a touring bike.
  • Gravel bikes – Gravel bicycles are the cheaper versions of cyclocross and touring bikes, and like the two, gravel bikes allow you to ride on all terrains. The advantage of gravel bicycles is that they are speedier. They may not cover as much ground as touring bikes but will last you several miles.
  • Mountain bikes – Mountain bicycles are unbeatable off-road. They can take all manner of terrains and are generally comfortable. However, they are slower than touring, gravel, and cyclocross bikes.   
  • Hybrid bikes – Hybrid bikes are always a decent option for those looking for the most budget-friendly yet the most versatile long-distance rides. They might be the slowest but are pretty comfortable on long rides.

How Far Can You Ride BMX Bikes?

BMX bikes are pretty fast, averaging 35mph or more. So, there is no doubt about their speed. The unfortunate part is that you are likely to get tired when you pedal fast, considering that BMX bikes are smaller and single-geared. So, you won’t be able to cover much ground.

Most BMX bikes can complete 10 miles, which is not long-distance compared to how far a touring bike can go.

Are BMX Bikes Good for Commuting?

While some people commute with BMX bikes, the bikes are not best for long-distance commuting but only short distances. The reason for that is that:

· You Could Get Tired Easily

BMX bikes require you to ride while standing, which doesn’t favor long rides. You are likely to strain your back if you cycle long-distance while standing. A BMX bike frame also doesn’t give your knees enough room to extend, which means your knees will likely strain.

· There Are Many Discomforts

When riding long distances, you need a bike with the suspension to soak some of it. Regrettably, BMX bikes don’t come with suspension, which means your body will likely feel all the impact.

Imagine going through potholes and bumps, and your body has to take it all! It surely must be very uncomfortable and dreadful.

· You’ll Have a Hard Time Shifting

BMX bikes are single-geared. That means you’ll use the same gear on flats, climbs, and descents. While single gears are suitable for flat grounds, you’ll have difficulty going uphill as there is no shifting.

· No Bump-Soaking Suspension

BMX bikes don’t come with any form of suspension. That means you’ll likely feel all the impact when you ride over bumps and potholes.

· BMX Bikes Are Not Mount Ready

A good commuter bike should allow you to mount fenders, seats, racks, water cages, lamps, and just about any accessory you may want to use. That, however, is not the case with BMX bikes.

· BMX Brakes Are Unreliable

BMX bikes brakes are only meant to slow you down but not necessarily bring you to a stop. If you want to stop, you also have to use your feet. That makes them unreliable when commuting.

Besides, BMX bikes only have rear brakes. You need brakes on both wheels if you want to commute with a bike, and BMX doesn’t offer that,

· BMX Geometry Is Not the Most Stable

BMX bikes have shorter frames and chainstays, thus less stable. So, they become harder to control when on challenging terrains. While BMX bikes are agile and responsive when turning, they are not stable.

Is A BMX Bike Good for Cruising?

Not all BM bikes are good for cruising. The only suitable options are cruising BMX bikes which resemble cruiser bicycles more than traditional BMX. An Option like the Schwinn Sting Pro (View on Amazon) allows you to cruise the paved neighborhoods.

Can You Ride BMX Long Distance

Are BMX Bikes Good for Trails?

The best trail bikes are mountain bikes, and the reason for that is that they have longer chainstays for stability, suspensions for shock absorption, and dual brakes for crisp stopping. BMX bikes are the direct opposite, making them not suitable for trails.

Here are the reasons why BMX bikes are not suitable for trails:

  • Shorter Chainstays – Their shorter chainstays make them less stable on trails.
  • Lack suspension – Many bumps on trails call for a suspension, but BMX doesn’t offer it.
  • Lack of front brakes –You only get the rear brakes from a BMX, which is meant to slow you down but not to stop you.
  • Shorter frame – BMX bikes have shorter frames which forces you to strain when riding on aggressive terrains like the trails.

Are BMX Bikes Good Off-Road?

BMX bikes are suitable for off-road cycling. Their compact but robust frames and build allow you to ride on rougher roads. You can land heavily on a BMX. The only problem is that they lack good brakes, which may not favor you when going over obstacle-hit off-road.

Their smaller wheels are also a concern as they are less likely to jump over obstacles.

Are BMX Bikes Good for Road?

BMX bikes are good for the streets and off-road as long as you ride them short distances. You can perform stunts and jumps and sprints on a BMX on most roads. Essentially, that’s because of their robust but lightweight build.

People Also Ask

Can You Ride BMX Long Distance?

BMX bikes are generally uncomfortable long distances. They lack suspensions, have smaller frames, feature single gears, and enjoy a low seat. Furthermore, they have poor and less reliable brakes. So, while you can ride cruiser BMX long distances, they are not the best for that.

Are BMX Bikes Comfortable to Ride?

If you don’t plan to ride BMX long distances and on unpredictable terrain, BMX bikes are comfortable. They become uncomfortable when going over rough terrains and long distances because they lack suspensions, are single-geared, have a smaller frame, and enjoy a lower seat.

What Bike Is Good for Long Distance?

The best bike for long-distance is a touring bike. You can ride it on all terrains and even hull a few loads with it. It’s overall strongly built, durable, and adaptive to different terrains.

Why Do Adults Ride BMX Bike?

Adults ride BMX bikes for different purposes. They include exercising, cruising, stunts, racing, and fun. Overall, adults can ride BMX bikes because they come with longer top tubes to accommodate their sizes.

Are BMX Bikes Fast?

On average, a BMX bike can hit a top speed of 35mph. Unfortunately, you cannot go further riding that fast. Also, you can only realize this speed on flats but not uphill.


How Fast Can a BMX Bike Go?

Are BMX Bikes Good for Exercise?

Are BMX Bikes Good for Long Distance? Closing Remarks!

Now you know why BMX bikes are not suitable for long distances. So, the next time you choose to ride a BMX, ride it a short distance.