Can Adults Ride BMX Bikes? (4 Reasons Uncovered!)

BMX riding is fun. It also makes the rider fitter, making us adults envy our youngsters. But why envy them when we could join the fun? But before you make up your mind, can adults ride BMX bikes?  

Yes, adults can ride BMX bikes as BMX bikes have no age limits and are easy to ride and strong to tolerate adults’ weight. Anyone who finds a BMX whose top tube length and wheels match their height can ride BMX bikes, including adults.

So, while BMX bikes have no age limits, they come in different sizes, depending on the top tube length and wheel size, and that’s what you should consider finding your match.

I’ll explain all that in detail. We’ll also look at how you can find the best BMX bikes for adults, and I’ll even review a few.  

can adults ride BMX bikes

In a rush? Please find 4 of my most recommended BMX for adults on the list below!

4 Best BMX Bikes for Adults

  1. Mongoose Title Elite Pro – Best for racing by experienced adults
  2. Schwinn Sting Pro – Best for racing by beginner adults
  3. Mongoose Legion 100 – Best for freestyling by beginner adults
  4. Mongoose Legion Mag – Best for freestyling by experienced adults

Why Adults Can Ride BMX Bikes

Generally, adults can comfortably ride BMX bikes due to these four reasons:

1. BMX Bikes Have No Age Limits

The fact that BMX bikes have no age limits means that anyone, including adults, can ride them. It may come as a surprise, but most of the record setters in the BMX world are adults. So, indeed, BMX bikes have no age limits, and adults can ride them.

2. BMX Bikes Come in Different Top Tube Lengths

BMX bikes are primarily sized according to the length of their top tubes. Check out a top tube size chart for BMX in the next section.

For now, it’s worth noting that anyone taller than 5 feet needs to pick a BMX bike with a top tube length that is greater than 18.5 inches, of which most are. And since most adults are above 5 feet, it’s easy for them to find matching BMX bikes.

3. BMX Bikes Come in Different Wheel Sizes

The standard BMX size, which we mostly associate with kids, is 20-inch. Such a BMX typically accommodates riders who are 48-60 inches tall. In most cases, the riders are kids aged 7-13 years.

That, however, doesn’t mean that adults cannot ride them as long as they fall within the same height range. Note that other than 20-inch BMX, we’ve 24-inch BMX bikes that suit riders 56-66 inches tall.

4. BMX Are Ride-Friendly and Strong to Accommodate Adults

Compared to other bikes, BMX bikes are simple and easy to ride. They are single-geared, which means all you’ve to do is pedal and control the bike.

Plus, they are strongly built to hold huge weights. That makes them suitable for adults too and not just kids.

Factors to Consider in The Best Adult BMX Bikes

While not all BMX bikes are adult-friendly, you can find a good adult size BMX by considering these factors:

a. Top Tube Length

While BMX bikes are not sized according to the frame size, as it’s the case with other bikes, you can pick your perfect size by looking at the top tube length.

Below is the top tube sizing chart I promised you earlier that you can use to find a fitting BMX.

Rider’s HeightTop Tube Length
5’0”-5’4”18.5-19.5 inches
5’2”-5’6”19.25-20.0 inches
5’3”-5’8”20.0-20.75 inches
5’7”-6’0”20.75-21.25 inches
6’0” plus21.25-22.0 inches

b.  Wheel Size

While the standard wheel size for BMX is 20-inches, we have a considerable number of 24 inch BMX bikes and a few 26-inch cruiser BMX options. Usually, the larger the wheel size, the likelier it is for BMX to accommodate a bigger body and vast weight.

On that note, below is a wheel size chart guide for BMX that adults can use to find their fit.

Wheel SizeRider’s Height


It’s essential to have a 1-3-inch clearance from your crotch and the top tube length while both of your feet touch the ground. That’s how you find your fit!

So, What Do Adults Need to Ride BMX?

While getting the size (top tube length and wheel size) is paramount, you also need to master the following to ride a BMX as an adult:

  • Balance – BMX riding is all about balance. If you can balance on a BMX, then you can ride it.
  • Control – Once you learn to balance on a BMX, control comes automatically. You need to know how to steer the bike before racing with it or performing stunts.
  • Patience – Last but not least, you cannot learn to balance and control a BMX in one day. It takes time. So, you’ve to be patient.

Best Adult BMX Bike Types Reviewed

With the above BMX buying guide in mind, here are the four best BMX bikes for adults:

1. Mongoose Title Elite Pro XXL BMX

If you are looking for a perfect race BMX for adults, especially pro-riding, you shouldn’t look past the Mongoose Title Pro XXL. This 20-inch BMX is best for advanced and pro-level BMX racers despite being a budget ride.

It generally suits riders who are 6 feet and above, making it an all-adult choice. Overall, it is a lightweight BMX, given that its hydroformed aluminum frame is only 3.35 pounds.

Its double-wall aluminum wheels also help keep the weight down, while its Chromoly handlebar offers you better control.

Mongoose Title Elite Pro XXL BMX

Here are its highlight features:

  • 20-inch double-wall wheels
  • Hydroformed aluminum frame
  • Linear-pull brakes
  • Chromo handlebar
  • 21.7-inch top tube length

2. Schwinn Sting Pro BMX

No BMX is cooler to ride than the Sting Pro. Its 20-inch option can accommodate up to 4’8”-5’4” tall riders, but you can expect its 24-inch option to fit taller ones.

While this BMX bike has a laidback design, it’s a race bike you can use at any BMX event. Note, however, that it’s best for on-road racing but not a good style for freestyling.

What Size BMX Do Adults Ride

Here are the features that make it stand out:

  • Hi-ten steel and aluminum frame
  • Retro laidback design with classic handlebars
  • Single-speed drivetrain
  • 20-inch/24-inch wheels
  • Aluminum rims
  • Caliper brakes

3. Mongoose Legion 100 BMX

The Mongoose Legion 100 is an exemplary BMX bike that adults and kids can ride. Overall, this BMX bike suits users who are 5’8” and above. That makes it the perfect fit for taller adults, especially six-footers.

Unlike most BMX, which have rigid suspension, the Mongoose Legion 100 comes with dual suspension. So, it’s one of the most comfortable BMX bikes out there.

It comes in a Chromoly steel build and is generally a freestyle BMX.

Is A 20 Inch BMX Bike for Adults

Its best features include:

  • Chromoly steel frame
  • 20-inch wheels
  • Alloy u-brakes
  • Chromoly handlebar
  • Threadless headset
  • 534mm top tube
  • 565mm stand-over height

4. Mongoose Legion Mag Sidewalk BMX

The Mongoose Legion Mag is a fantastic BMX for kids and adults about 4’8”-5’4”. Primarily, that’s owing to its 519mm top tube length and 5665mm stand-over height.

Mark you, this BMX comes with 20-inch wheels. Overall, it suits all kinds of riders, from beginners to advanced riders, and it’s a perfect pick for freestyling.

You can count on its hi-ten steel frame to hold huge weights. It comes with four pegs for freestyling stunts and a cable detangler to allow the handlebar to have a 360-degree turn.

Mongoose Legion Mag Sidewalk BMX

Here are its highlight features:

  • 20-inch wheels
  • Hi-ten steel frame
  • Front alloy caliper brake swear u-brakes
  • Sing-speed
  • Rigid suspension
  • Four freestyling pegs and cable detangler

People Also Ask

1. Can Adults Ride 24 Inch BMX Bikes?

24 inch BMX bikes generally suit riders who are 142-168cm tall. With most adults falling under this height bracket, they can comfortably ride 24-inch BMX. Adults can even ride 20-inch BMX and not just 24-inch.

Note that it’s not just about the wheel size but also the top tube length when picking an adult BMX.

2. What Size BMX Do Adults Ride?

As an adult, you should ride a BMX bike whose top tube matches your height, as shown in the table below.

Rider’s HeightTop Tube Length
5’0”-5’4”18.5-19.5 inches
5’2”-5’6”19.25-20.0 inches
5’3”-5’8”20.0-20.75 inches
5’7”-6’0”20.75-21.25 inches
6’0” plus21.25-22.0 inches

Assuming that the average adult is between 5 feet and 6 feet, they can ride a BMX with a top tube length of 18.5-22.0 inches.

3. Is BMX for adults?

BMX does not have an age limit. Both kids and adults can ride them provided they find their size. Like kids, adults can ride BMX for fun, competition, and fitness.

Overall, there are many adult BMX bikes with 20-inch and 24-inch wheels. You have to look at the manufacturer’s recommended height.

4. Is A 20 Inch BMX Bike for Adults?

Ordinarily, 20-inch BMX bikes are kids’/youth bikes. However, many feature longer tube lengths and extra ground clearance to accommodate adults. It’s now easy finding a 20-inch BMX for a 6-foot person.

5. Can Adults Ride 20 Inch BMX Bikes?

Though 20-inch BMX bikes favor kids more, adults taller than 152cm can ride them too. Besides, most 20-inch BMX bikes come with adjustable seats and extended handlebars to easily fit adults. So, yes, adults, though not all, can ride 20-inch BMX.

6. What Is a Good BMX for Adults?

Here are the four best BMX bikes for adults:

  • Mongoose Title Elite Pro – Best for racing by experienced adults
  • Schwinn Sting Pro – Best for racing by beginner adults
  • Mongoose Legion 100 – Best for freestyling by beginner adults
  • Mongoose Legion Mag – Best for freestyling by experienced adults

7. Are BMX Bikes Good for Adults?

BMX bikes are fun for adults, just as they are for kids. They also have the same fitness and health advantages for adults as kids.

So, there is no doubt that BMX bikes are suitable for adults. The only difference is that there are fewer choices for adults than kids.   

8. How Old Do You Have to Be to Ride A BMX?

There is no age limit for BMX riding. However, most BMX bikes favor kids starting from 4 years. Essentially, you must balance on a regular cycle to ride a BMX, as BMX bikes are more about balance and control.

In Conclusion: Can Adults Ride BMX Bikes?

The straight answer is Yes. Adults can ride BMX bikes as they have no age limits and are strongly built to accommodate their weight. Moreover, most of them come with bigger frames which the manufacturers recommend for adults.  

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