Can Adults Ride 20 Inch BMX Bikes? (What to Know!)

Considered standard size for BMX, 20 inch BMX bikes are widespread among kids and youths. That, however, doesn’t mean that they are the only ones to ride them. So, can adults ride 20 inch BMX bikes, and if yes, who?

Yes, adults can ride 20 inch BMX bikes if the bike top-tube lengths and frame sizes match the adult’s height. In that case, adults above 5’6¨ can ride 20 inch BMX bikes with a top tube length of at least 21 inches.

Note, however, that the top tube lengths go as far as over 21.5 inches, and the longer they are, the more accommodating they are to adults. 

I’ll offer you a sizing chart later to help you find the best adult 20 inch BMX size. Even better, I’ll recommend several hot adult size BMX bikes, which you can get on Amazon.

But before we do, we’ll look at the reasons why BMX biking is good for adults.

Best Adult Size BMX Bikes

In a rush?  Then check out my most recommended BMX bikes for adult size on the hotlist below:

4 Best Adult Size BMX Bikes

  1. Mongoose Legion L500: Best for 5’8¨ and Above
  2. Mongoose Legion L100: Best for 5’8¨ and Above
  3. Elite BMX Bicycles 20¨: Best for 4’0¨ – 5’0¨
  4. Redline Bicycles MX-20: Best for 5’3¨ – 5’8¨

Why BMX Riding Is Good for Adults

BMX riding is generally good for adults because of the following benefits:

1. Weight Loss

Like any form of cycling, BMX riding physically engages your body and slowly burns the extra calories, promoting weight loss. The routines are low impact but effectively shed excess weight in the long run.  

2. Balance and Coordination

BMX biking teaches you how to ride while standing, do aerial tricks and stabilize the body. In the long run, you improve your body balance and coordination.

3. Cardiovascular Health

BMX biking is good for your heart health. The more you ride, the more you boost your circulation, reducing the risk of heart diseases. Remember, regular BMX biking reduces blood cholesterol, making your heart healthier.

4. Brain Power

BMX riding also improves circulation to the brain by about 35%. Once there is adequate circulation to the brain, the brain receives enough oxygen, stimulating it. So, your overall brain performance improves. 

5. Mental Health

BMX biking is not just good for your physical well-being as an adult but also for your mental well-being. It’s a tremendous anti-stress and sleep booster.

How Tall Should You Be for A 20 inch BMX Bike? (BMX Bike Size Chart By Height)

When riding a 20 inch BMX, you can do it from 3.8¨ tall. That means it starts with kids. It, however, doesn’t stop there as some of these bikes can accommodate adults who are up to 6 feet taller.

Generally, you’ve to look at two things when looking for a 20 inch BMX for your height; frame size and top-tube length.

When it comes to the frame size, the size ranges from micro-mini (which is ideal for up to 3’8¨) to pro-XXL (which is perfect for 6 feet tall and thereabout).

And when it comes to the top-tube length, it starts from 18 inches (perfect for 3’8¨ tall) to 21.5¨ plus (ideal for 6-feet plus).

That brings us to the BMX sizing chart below:

Rider’s HeightTop Tube Length (Inches)Frame Size
Up to 3.8”Less than 18”Micro Mini
4’8”-5’5”20.0-20.5Expert XL
5’8”-6’0”21.0-21.5Pro XL
6’0″ +21.5″ +Pro XXL

20 inch BMX Bike for What Age? (BMX Bike Size Chart By Age)

The top tube length and frame size are also critical when sizing a 20 inch BMX and every other BMX size according to age.

In that case, kids as young as below five years can ride a 20 inch micro mini BMX bike, and anyone above 13 years (including adults) can ride a 20-inch pro, pro xl, or pro-XXL BMX, depending on their height.

So, while considering the age is essential, you also have to consider your height to get a perfect 20 inch BMX bike.

Here’s a table showing the BMX size for different ages:

Rider’s AgeTop Tube Length (Inches)Frame Size
Up to 5 yearsLess than 18.0″Micro Mini
5-7 years18.0″Mini
8-10 years18.0-18.5″Junior
10-13 years19.0-20.0”Expert
13 years +20.5″ +Pro

Now, Can Adults Ride 20 Inch BMX Bikes?

If we compare the height-based chart and the age-based chart, the former is more definitive in determining if adults can ride a 20 inch BMX as long as they pick the right size, which is likely to have a top-tube length of at least 21-inches.

Note, however, that most adults are likely to feel comfortable with a BMX bike with a top tube length above 21.5 inches as it offers them more room.

It’s essential, however, to consider the chart. That will remove any lingering doubts of the BMX not fitting.

Best 20 inch BMX Bike for Adults

Now that it’s undeniable that adults can ride 20 inch BMX bicycles, here are the four best choices on Amazon:

1. Mongoose Legion L500 BMX Bike(Riders Height 5’8¨ plus)

The Mongoose Legion L500 is a freestyle BMX that suits adults at least 5’8¨ tall. This 20-inch freestyle bike enjoys a rigid, lightweight frame that is quite maneuverable.

It’s a perfect beginner choice with a 21-inch top tube. Its 2-piece spindle cranks and single-speed drivetrain makes it rider-friendly, while its aluminum u-brake promises fast stopping.

It comes with a chromo handlebar for easy mid-air maneuver and 2.4-inch smooth-rolling tires that allows you to speed up occasionally.

Moreover, it enjoys a threadless headset that promises optimum steering. It comes with a 5-year warranty and 1-year parts coverage.

Can Adults Ride BMX Bikes

2. Mongoose Legion L100 BMX Bike(Riders Height 5’8¨ plus)

The Mongoose Legion L100 is another freestyle adult size BMX by Mongoose that suits riders who are at least 5’8 tall.

This street bike is ready to take on the jumps and heavy falls as it’s built for that. It’s pretty maneuverable, bragging a compact but lightweight frame and a chromo handlebar.

It also features a threadless headset for easy steering. Its 21-inch top tube makes it roomier and more accommodating, and it features strong aluminum u-brakes for fast stopping.

Its double-wall rims give it a strong build, while its 2.4-inch tires promote fast rolling. Though this BMX is popular among males, anyone who fits can ride it.

What Size BMX Do Adults Ride

3. Elite BMX Bicycles 20¨ BMX Bike (Best Riders Height 4’0¨ – 5’10¨)

If you are not very tall but are looking for a quality freestyle bike, you cannot go wrong with the Elite BMX Bicycle 20¨.

This 20-inch little monster easily fits guys who are 4’0¨ – 5’10¨. It is powerful in build thanks to its hi-ten steel frame.

It comes with a 20-inch top tube that makes it more accommodating to medium-height adults. Its u-brakes make stopping seamless, and it features pegs on both wheels for easy freestyling. The bike comes with a pump for convenient pumping, and its saddle is adjustable to match the adult height.

Other impressive features include its robust 20-inch wheels, lightweight plastic platform pedals, hi-ten steel bar, and smooth-rolling 2.5-inch tires.

Can Adults Ride 20 inch Bikes

4. Redline Bicycles MX-20 BMX BIke (Riders Height 5’3¨ – 5’8¨0

Redline bicycles MX-20 is specifically designed for adult riders who are 5’3¨- 5’8¨ tall. So, it’s not the type for six-footers but the medium height.

This adult BMX bike comes in an aluminum alloy rigid frame that not only feels lightweight but stiffer too. So, it’s a fantastic choice for adults racing instead of freestyling.

This redline BMX also features a race saddle and a 3-piece crank to allow you to race. It is quality in build and enjoys a simple design that makes it ride-friendly and cheaper maintenance-wise.

Redline Bicycles MX-20 is generally a fantastic choice for both genders.

Is A 20 inch BMX Bike for Adults

How Can Adults Safely Ride 20 inch BMX Bikes?

While a 20 inch BMX might not be the ideal size for most adults, there are a few things you can do to improve your riding safety. They include the following:

a. Wearing Safety BMX Gear

If you are serious about riding a BMX, especially if you’ve never done it before, you should wear the right safety biking gear. That includes riding shoes, elbow pads, shin guards, cycling gloves, and helmets.

The helmet, in particular, is a must wear as it reduces the possibility of suffering a head injury when you land badly.

You can get the ILM Adult ATV BMX Helmet which is DOT-certified to keep you safe.

What Age Is A 20 inch BMX Bike for

b. Go Slow On the Bike

Ordinarily, you are likely to crash and hurt yourself when you ride faster than slower. So, if you want to boost your safety, you should ride slower. 

Take every trick with utmost care to ensure you don’t mess up, especially when trying a new trick.

c. Stand Up Often

BMX seats are low for a reason, and that’s to offer you more room for maneuvering, especially when doing mid-air tricks.

The seat is also low to offer you a point of contact and avoid injuries to the groin area. That means you are expected to stand most of the time, so you should do that.

People Also Ask

1. Can Adults Ride A 20 BMX Bike?

A 20 inch BMX might not be the perfect size for adults, but several 20 inch BMX bikes suit adults. What matters is that you consider a longer top tube about 21-inches, as that translates to a more oversized frame.

2. Can Adults Ride 20 inch Bikes?

Yes, adults can ride 20-inch bikes if the frame size and top tube length match their height. Overall, 20-inch bikes are best for medium-height adults who measure under 6 feet.

However, a few options, especially BMX, accommodate six-footer adults.

3. What Size BMX Do Adults Ride?

Adults need BMX bikes with a top tube length of at least 21 inches. Such a top tube length accommodates riders who are at least 5’8¨ tall. Overall, the longer the top tube, the bigger the frame size, and the more likely the BMX is to fit adults.

4. Can Adults Ride 24 inch BMX Bikes?

Yes, adults can ride 24-inch BMX bikes. Most 24-inch BMX bikes suit riders who are 142-168 cm. Note, however, that the top tube length is more critical in sizing BMX bikes than the wheel size.

So, any BMX with a top tube at least 21 inches will fit most adults 5’8¨ and above.

5. Can Adults Ride BMX Bikes?

BMX bikes have no age limits, so there’s no reason adults can’t ride them as long as they find their fit.

So, what’s important is finding a BMX whose top tube and frame can accommodate the adults.

6. What Age Is 20 inch BMX Bike for?

A 20 inch BMX bike is generally best for riders from 5 years to above 13 years and even some adults.

Overall, the decision depends on the age and the top tube length, as shown in this BMX size chart.

Rider’s AgeTop Tube Length (Inches)Frame Size
Up to 5 yearsLess than 18.0″Micro Mini
5-7 years18.0″Mini
8-10 years18.0-18.5″Junior
10-13 years19.0-20.0”Expert
13 years +20.5″ +Pro

Can Adults Ride 20 inch BMX Bikes? Final Thought

Indeed, adults can ride BMX bikes even if it doesn’t apply to all BMX bikes. What’s important is finding a 20 inch BMX whose top tube and frame are accommodating enough for the adult’s height.  And, of course, the bike should tolerate the adult’s weight.

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