How Fast Can A BMX Bike Go? BMX Top Speed Unleashed!

Have you been on the lookout for a speedy bike that isn’t a road bike? Maybe you have heard about BMX bikes but are now questioning: how fast can a BMX bike go?

Race BMX bikes can clock 30-35 mph over shorter distances, especially on downhill ramps. That is about 5-10 mph faster than standard MTBs. Overall, this top speed is attainable because of the BMX’s smaller geometry, sturdy handlebar, and smaller wheels.

Note that the top speed is not a given. You must do a few routines such as keeping the bike clean, lubricating it, and tuning it up to attain such a speed.

Under similar conditions and, more importantly, over short distances, race BMX bikes are faster than standard MTBs, beach cruisers, electric bikes, and city bikes. 

So, if you have been looking for a speedy bike, you have come to the right place. This guide will compare the BMX top speed with other bikes and share tips for making your BMX faster and yourself.

Comparing BMX Bike Top Speed with Other Bikes

BMX bikes, specifically race BMX bikes, like the Mongoose Title Elite 24-Inch Race BMX Bike, can hit 30-35 mph on short distances and ramps.

You can easily beat traffic in town with a BMX bike and compete at a short racecourse. Its top speed is slightly ahead of electric bikes, beach cruisers, and city bikes, which generally average below 30mph.

The only bike that outmuscles a BMX for speed is a road bike. On stretches, a road bike averages 45-50 mph – about 10-15 mph faster than race BMX bikes.

It’s worth noting that not all BMX bikes can hit 30-35mph but race BMX bikes. In that case, a freestyle BMX bike, which is the slowest of all bikes, can only hit 6-9mph.

how fast can a BMX bike go

Below is a table that compares the top speed of different bike types: 

Bike TypePossible Top Speed
Freestyle BMX6 – 9 mph
Beach Cruiser15 – 20 mph
City Bike20 – 25 mph
Electric Bike20 – 28 mph
Mountain Bike25 – 30 mph
Race BMX30 – 35 mph
Road Bike45 – 50 mph

Why Are BMX Bikes Faster?

Now that we have seen that a race BMX bike is fast, the next question is: makes a BMX bike faster? Here’s why race BMX bikes are fast:

· A BMX Bike Has Smaller, Compact, and Aggressive Geometry

When it comes to BMX bikes, they usually have a smaller, compact, and aggressive geometry, which makes them lighter. However, the smaller the bikes, the more maneuverable it is, which helps explain why race BMX bikes are faster.

· A BMX Bike Has Sturdy Handlebars

Compact and sturdy BMX handlebars give you an excellent upright hold that makes riding more comfortable and faster. The easier and the more comfortable the handling, the likelier you are to pedal aggressively and sprint with a BMX.

· A BMX Bike Has Smaller Wheels

A BMX bike not only has a more petite overall build, but they also have smaller tires. Unlike larger tires that call for more pedaling and control, the smaller tires translate to an overall lighter bike, which you can pedal fast and speed up.

How Can I Speed Up My BMX Bike?

It generally takes a few routines and adjustments to clock top speed with a BMX bike. They include:

· Lubricating The Chain Regularly

One thing that will keep your BMX running smoothly is an excellent and well-lubricated chain. So, if you want to attain a maximum speed of 30-35mph, you should routinely lubricate your bike chain.

And when it comes to the best chain lubricant, I always recommend WD-40 Specialist Bike Chain Lube (Check on Amazon). This lube lengthens your bike chain life and cleans it up.

How Can I Speed Up My BMX Bike

· Check The Tire Pressure

For your BMX bike to go faster, its tire pressure should be correct. When the tire pressure is very low, the tire will likely be subjected to friction, making your bike slower.

On the other hand, if the tires are over-pumped, it will be a tall order to control the bike. Aim for 80-90psi if you want to hit a 30-35 mph top speed with a race BMX bike. 

· Adjust the Seat Height

BMX bikes usually have low seats intended for stunts and tricks. So, if you are looking forward to racing with your BMX bike, one thing you should do is raise the bike’s seat.

If the seat is too low, you won’t attain a good riding posture, which means you won’t feel comfortable riding.  The saddle height should match your tallness to make you aerodynamic if you want to go fast.

· Clean your Bike

If you want to maintain your bike and keep it as good as new, one essential thing you should never forget to do is to clean your bike. A well-maintained bike will not only look good, but it will also go faster.

Mud and grime usually slow down the bike, so you should clean them off. Overall, it’s always advisable to clean your bike after every ride.

And when cleaning your bike, check if all the parts are in good alignment. If not, align them properly.

· Check On the Gears

Most BMX bikes come with one gear (single-speed). However, you should always check the gear as it can impact your speed. A well-adjusted gear usually gives you better handling of the BMX bike.

· Tune Pedal Tension

Loose pedals will likely make you go slower. So, if the pedals are not well-tuned, you should tune them properly. That will give you an excellent pedal grip and protect your shoes from sliding from the pedals.

Are BMX Faster Than Mountain Bikes

From a Rider’s Angle – How to Make Yourself Faster on a BMX Bike

Hitting top speed on a BMX doesn’t just rely on what you do to the bike but also on what you do as the rider. Here are some things you can do to make yourself faster:

· Ride Regularly

As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect.’ To be perfect at riding BMX bikes, you ought to practice regularly. The secret is to start slow as you go on mastering the craft.

· Ride with A Friend

‘Two are better than one. That is evident when riding a BMX bike. Friends challenge and push each other to the limits, which improves their riding speed. So, grab a buddy on your next BMX adventure to see how fast you can push each other.

· Set Your Goals

To achieve great results, you must set goals to accomplish at a given period. Once you set the goals, make sure to attain them and learn from your mistakes.

For example, you can set a goal of joining friendly competitions in your neighborhood. That will significantly help you achieve the objective of becoming a BMX pro rider. 

· Wear Protective Clothing

While starting, you will make many mistakes that can make you crash or fall. Without protective clothing, you can injure or bruise yourself, which can be painful.

So, it’s always advisable that you wear the correct riding gear. That includes elbow pads, helmets, knee pads, sheen guards, and ankle pads.

Are BMX Faster Than Mountain Bikes

· Do Something Different

Challenge yourself each day. It could be to set a timer and try to beat the clock as it runs down. Going to an incline and trying to race uphill or just changing your track and trying something else that will push you to ride faster.

Are BMX Faster Than Mountain Bikes?

Once you hear that a BMX bike clocks 30 – 35 mph, it’s logical to ask if it’s faster than an MTB. The truth is that a race BMX is usually quicker than a standard MTB.

While a race BMX has an average speed of 30 – 35 mph, an MTB averages 25 – 30 mph. There is a difference of 5 – 10 mph. However, you should note that this is only applicable to riding over shorter distances.

The table turns when it comes to longer distances where a mountain bike is faster than a BMX bike.

Even better, a mountain bike can handle odd terrains, while a race BMX is only best for tracks and smooth trails. That’s because a mountain bike has big wider tires that roll over obstacles seamlessly and a wide gear range for responsive shifting.

If you are looking for a bike to take on long dirt paths or rocky trails, a mountain bike will thrive better than a BMX bike.

People Also Ask

1. Are BMX Bikes Fast?

Not all BMX bikes are fast, but only race BMX. Race BMX bikes can hit 30 – 35 mph on downhill ramps, making them faster than MTBs, beach cruisers, electric bikes, and city bikes over shorter distances. However, they are slower than road bikes, considering that road bikes can clock 45-50mph.

2. How Fast Can A BMX Go?

A race BMX can go at a top speed of 30 – 35 mph on downhill ramps. In contrast, a stunt/freestyle BMX can only go for 6 -9 mph. However, the more skilled you are, the likelier you are to sprint and hit maximum speed.

3. Are BMX Bikes Good for Long Distances?

BMX bikes are best for short rides and not long distances. They are smaller and have a lower seat, thus making them uncomfortable for long rides. They also have bad brakes and come single-speed, therefore unreliable on long distances.

How Fast Can A BMX Bike Go? Closing Remarks!

Generally, race BMX bikes have a better top speed over shorter distances, averaging 30-35mph. That means they are faster than a mountain bike short-distance but slower than a road bike.

So, if you are looking for a speedy bike that is not a road bike, BMX bikes make logic.