Can A BMX Bike Fit In A Car? (4 Reasons Plus Alternatives!)

You often want to ride your BMX bike, but the disappointment is that you don’t live near the skate park. That means that you have to transport your bike. But the question is, can a BMX bike fit in a car?

A standard BMX bike (Size 20) can comfortably fit your car’s trunk if it is big enough because such BMX bikes are naturally smaller due to their small geometry, low seat, and smaller wheels. Moreover, they are lighter than most bikes, making them readily portable.

So, you should expect your BMX bike to fit perfectly in your car trunk. However, there are instances where this is not the case.

For example, if you have a bigger bike like the 26-inch BMX bike, it may be slightly bigger to fit in your trunk. Still, your boot may be smaller to fit a bike if you have a smaller car like a hatchback.

This guide will examine why a BMX bike fits in your car trunk, other ways to transport your bike if it doesn’t fit, and answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding the topic.

Let’s get started:

How Do You Transport A BMX Bike

Why Can A BMX Bike Fit In A Car?

BMX bikes can comfortably fit in your car, especially standard-size  (20-inch) BMX bikes, and here are the reasons why:

1. BMX Bikes Have A Smaller Build and Geometry

BMX bikes generally have a smaller build and geometry, making them smaller than others. That means that the frame is small too. Unlike different bike types with bigger bike frames, BMX bikes are the opposite, and they fit perfectly without disassembling the wheels.

2. BMX Bikes Have Low Seats

BMX bikes typically have low seats. That adds up to the smaller BMX geometry. Even better, because the seats are generally adjustable, you can adjust them lower enough so that it can give you an easier time fitting them into your car boot.

3. BMX Bikes Have Small Wheels

The common BMX has 20-inch wheels. That is usually considered the standard size for adults. There are smaller wheel sizes too that suit kids. Because of their smaller wheels, you can expect your BMX bike to fit well in your car.

4. BMX Bikes Are Lightweight

On average, BMX bikes weigh 10-28 pounds. That is lighter compared to other bikes. The overall smaller bike geometry, plus the bike’s lack of many moving parts, make a BMX bike lighter. However, since BMX bikes are lightweight, it helps carry them to your car boot.

What If The Bike Is Big? What Should You Do?

There are times that your BMX bike seems impossible to fit in your car boot. Maybe the boot is too small. In cases like this, you can use the tips below to fit your BMX bike in your car:

a) Use A BMX Carry Bag

If you are that person who likes keeping your car neat and you don’t mind folding your bike, then I strongly advise you to invest in a good BMX bike carry bag.

One perfect recommendation is the ODYSSEY BMX Bike Bag (Check on Amazon). This bag is made from heavy-duty material to last longer. It fits a 20–inch BMX bike perfectly.

Can A 16 inch Bike Fit In A Car

b) Take Off The Wheels

If you own an SUV, minivan, or a Ford, your BMX bike will likely fit perfectly without taking off the wheels. These types of vehicles come with lots of space at the back.

However, this is not always the case if you own a smaller car like a hatchback or sedan. If this is your case, it’s advisable to take your bike wheels off to make the bike fit in the car.

Removing the wheels will make your bike small, but it will also make lifting it easier when placing it inside the car because of the reduced weight. 

The only downside is putting the wheels back once you reach the skate park, which can be much work.

c) Turn The BMX Bike Handlebars

What if you also have some other supplies in your boot, making it impossible to fit your bike. Rest easy as you can rotate the bike’s handlebars to save space. The bike will fit perfectly on your car’s back seat.

d) Slant The Car Seat

We also have 26-inch BMX bikes, bigger than the standard 20-inch. So how can you fit such a big bike in your car trunk?

For them to fit, you need to consider lowering your car’s back seat for them to fit. That gives your bike enough space in the trunk and back seat. So, if your car’s back seat can incline, you can consider doing so for your bike to fit.

e) Face The Gears Up

If you have never transported a bike inside the car before, let me tell you a mistake you should never make. Never place your bike in the trunk with the gears and cogs facing down.

You are wondering why? The cogs and gears are usually dirty, and they will soil your car, which is something you won’t like.

So, it’s always a good idea to fit your bike in the car trunk with the gears facing up to avoid muddying your car and make it easier to fit the bike in.

f) Place The Frame On Top Of The Wheels

Remember, when driving to the skate park, you can come across potholes and rough roads. That will likely make the bike’s frame wobble in the trunk.

If this happens, your car or bike may get damaged. To avoid such a scenario, it’s always an intelligent move to place the wheels down before placing the frame.

That will help cushion the frame from rubbing against the car. Also, you can consider laying a thick blanket on the trunk. It will not only protect against scratching but will also protect the vehicle from getting dirty and greased.

Other Ways To Transport Your BMX Bike Using Your Car

Many other factors make it impossible to fit your bike inside the car. For example, it will require skills to remove the wheels, not forgetting you will place them back, which is double work.

You may also be carrying your family members, and the trunk can also be full of other supplies. So, if this is the case, how else can you transport your BMX bike?

Instead of fitting your bike inside the car, you can fit it on the bike rack. It means you’ll transport your bicycle outside your vehicle, which brings us to the car bike rack.

The benefit of bike racks is that you can transport more than one bike at a go. But unfortunately, if your car is small, it can be impossible to carry more than one bike. So, don’t break your cycles trying to fit both of them.

Below are two examples of bike racks that you can use to transport your BMX bike:

Roof Bike Rack

Roof crack is ideal because your car paint won’t scratch when transporting your BMX bike. You just mount a rack on top of your car roof and then securely place the bike on it.

And when talking about the best roof rack, the Swagman UPRIGHT Roof Mount Bike Rack is worthy of consideration. 

This rack weighs 5lbs, thus lightweight, which makes lifting it on the roof of your car hassle-free. Also, the rack carries your bike as a whole, so there is no need to disassemble it.

Can A 26 inch Bike Fit In A Car


  • You can carry more than one bike.
  • It gives you more space as you can carry other essentials in the trunk
  • You won’t damage your car’s paint
  • You can access your trunk much more easily
  • Most roof racks are compatible with other bikes and not only BMX bikes


  • You’ll subject your bike to bad weather.
  • Fitting the bike on the top of your car is not a one-person job

Trunk Bike Rack

Trunk racks are also well known, and you might have seen one on the highway. A trunk rack is usually mounted at the trunk (back) of the car using straps and hooks.

Don’t mind scratching your car as there is a pad cushioning between the car and the rack.

One best trunk rack to get is the DELUXE Trunk Mounted Bike Rack (Check on Amazon). It’s made of solid steel alloy to ensure it serves you longer. It comes fully assembled, so installing it on the car trunk will only take minutes.

Can I Fit My Bike In My Car


  • A trunk rack is affordable
  • It folds easily when not in use
  • Installation is simple
  • It’s easy loading your bike in the trunk rack
  • You can transport three bikes at once


  • You cannot access your trunk
  • It May also obstruct your license plate
  • People Also Ask


How Do You Transport A BMX Bike?

Transporting your BMX bike is easy. You can place the bike on the boot of your car as a whole. If the trunk is small or your bike is big, you can remove the wheels for it to fit perfectly. You can also buy a rack to transport your BMX bike efficiently.

Can I Fit My Bike In My Car?

Of course, YES! BMX bikes come with smaller geometry, smaller wheels, and a low seat. That makes the bike small enough to fit on the car trunk seamlessly.

Can A 26 inch Bike Fit In A Car?

Most likely, a 26-inch BMX bike can fit in the car. However, it depends on the space of your car trunk. If you have a hatchback, more often than not, a 26-inch BMX bike might not fit perfectly. In such a case, you can comfortably transport your bicycle using a bike rack.

Can A 16 inch Bike Fit In A Car?

A 16-inch BMX bike can fit perfectly in your car. 16-inch BMX bikes are small and considered best for kids. You don’t have to remove the wheels to fit a 16-inch bicycle in your car trunk, even if you own a hatchback.

Can A BMX Bike Fit In A Car? Closing Remarks!

As seen, a BMX bike can fit perfectly inside your car trunk. The reasons are that a BMX bike comes with smaller wheels, a low seat, and overall smaller geometry.

However, if you own a big BMX bike like the 26-inch and a small car, you can consider buying a bike rack to transport your bike.