Bike Shop Near Me (Best Online Bike Shops)

Buying a bike is beautiful, but you must make the purchase right. With the internet, you don’t have to look far to find the nearest bike store to you. So, are you searching for the best bike shop near me?

Then we have a list of the best bike shops for new and used bikes for your consideration. Some stores deal with high-end bicycles, while others focus on low-end and mid-level bicycles. 

Others even focus on specific brands like Giant, Canyon, Trek, Bianchi, and Specialized, while some are not brand-specific.

The overall decision, however, is yours. You can compare the stores we share to find the best deal. Without further ado, here we go!

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Best Online Bike Shop Near Me Reviewed!

Based on the fair pricing, bike choice, and good customer service, below are the best online bike stores today:

1. Giant–

We begin our top list of the best bike shops with Giant–Bicycles. Giant Bicycles stocks top-quality pro-level mountain bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes, triathlon bikes, cyclocross bikes, racing bikes, and e-bikes.

There are even push bikes and other kids’ bikes. While most Giant bikes are highly-priced, they promise good value for money. So, if you want a bike to compete with or ride regularly for commuting or adventure, Giant Bicycle is a worthy choice.

2. is a bike search engine that allows you to find the best bikes and bike accessories. Its top-selling brands include Cannondale, Campagnolo, Nashbar, Orbea, Performance Bicycle, Redline, SE Racing, and WeThePeople. 

So, you can get just about any bike brand you may think of on The bike search engine offers a variety of members’ discounts and rewards, which has seen them create a broad, loyal fan base.


The Bike Shop is what its name suggests. It’s an online store where you can buy just about any bike. The store covers the entire North American market, stocking bike brands like Electra, Trek, Specialized, Rocky Mountain, and Giant.

So, if you are looking for a bike shop that deals with the most high-end and reputable bike brands, you’ve to check out The Bike Shop today.


Trek falls in the high-end bike category, whose primary targets are serious riders. If you are a pro rider or an aspiring competitor who wants a bike that can take any other top-tier model, you cannot go wrong with Trek.

There are mountain bikes, e-bikes, city bikes, road bikes, and even kid’s bikes on The company offers local service support and home delivery services, saving you from all the hassle. 

You can even customize your bike on, which has endeared the bike brand to the hearts of many pro racers. 

5. Bikes Direct

If you are looking for a bike retailer that offers a variety of cycles, you cannot overlook Bikes Direct. The online retailer stocks many brands and models at different price points. 

While some of its bikes are currently out of stock, they always restock quickly, making them reliable.

You can shop for an MTB, road bike, e-bike, cruiser, or kids bike on Bike Direct, and you get to save up to 60-85% on some deals if you do the assembly yourself.

6. Overstock 

Overstock is a mega online bike retailer specializing in road bikes, BMX bikes, e-bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, comfort bikes, tricycles, single-speed, and unicycles, to name a few.

So, overstock stocks all kinds of bicycles, and the best part is that these bikes come at a wide range of prices. Vilano, Huffy, Razor, Titan, and Dynacraft are some of its most popular brands.

7. REI

REI is a specialty bike retailer that doesn’t just ship bikes to you but also helps you assemble them. So, you won’t lift a finger when you shop at REI.

The retailer offers a variety of top brands such as Cannondale, Electra, Diamondback, Ghost, and Salsa. Their specialty line, however, is the mountain bike. If you want a quality mountain bike to take all kinds of terrains, shop one on REI.

8. Amazon 

Amazon is arguably the most popular online bike store anywhere in the world. The big-box superstore stocks everything from kid’s bikes and tricycles to adult’s pro-level riding mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and road bikes. You’ll also get e-bikes, tandems, folding bikes, and fat bikes on site. 

Whether you want an entry-level bike or an option for serious riding, you cannot miss a decent option on Amazon.

9. Dicks Sporting Goods

It’s hard to describe the best bike shop near me without talking about Dicks Sporting Goods, famous as Dicks. 

Dicks stocks many budget bicycles, some retailing under $200, and you get free shipping on some purchases. The retailer even offers store pick-ups, which means you can pick one in your state. 

Some popular brands onsite include Schwinn, Nishiki, Mongoose, Kulana, GT, and Pacific cycles.

10. Walmart 

We conclude our list of the best bike shops near me with another big-box Superstore. Walmart offers the most budget bikes in the United States and worldwide. 

These bikes aren’t high-end; let’s get that straight. So, you cannot buy them for competition or any other form of serious riding. But if you have a budget under $300 and want a new bike for casual and occasional biking, visit Walmart today.

second hand bike shop near me

Best Second Hand Bike Shop Near Me

Now, if you are eyeing a bike that’s affordable yet good for the money, consider buying second-hand. Overall, here are the best second-hand bike shops near you:

1. The Pro’s Closet

If you are looking to sell off your old bike to fund a newer and better one, The Pro’s Closet is an excellent store to visit. Whether an entry rider or a seasoned cyclist, you can access a wide range of good quality used bikes at a fraction of a cost.

But still, you can find some top-tier new arrivals onsite from reputable brands like Giant, Cannondale, and Trek.

2. Bike Exchange 

Bike Exchange allows you to buy a used bike anywhere in the United States for as little as $150. The retailer can even link you up with a local seller, which means your bike could be just a few blocks away. 

From kid’s and road bikes to MTBs and gravel bikes, you can get them all at friendly prices on Bike Exchange.

3. Archers Bikes

Archers Bikes doesn’t just stock new high-end bikes but also stores used options from renowned brands like Specialized, Huffy, Trek, Novara, and Giant.

Some of these bikes cost under $300, which is a fraction of what you would pay for a similar brand new one. Archers Bikes also offers you trade-in options, which means you can sell your old cycle and fund a new one.

4. Wheel & Sprocket 

Wheel & Sprocket is another online store that stocks the most reputable brand names at a fraction of the cost. You can get used but good quality Trek, Jamis, Giant, Electra, Specialized, Bianchi, and Diamondback bikes on the website, some costing under $300.

So, if you fancy a top-tier brand but cannot afford a brand new bike, you can get it for cheap (though used) on Wheel & Sprocket.

5. eBay

While eBay is also known for cheap new bikes, they are more famous for stocking used bikes. If you want a vintage bike from any generation and don’t know where to look, visit eBay.

You’ll find an array of bicycles at crazy offers. You can also sell your bike there and add a few dollars to get another that you fancy.

electric bike shop near me

Best Electric Bike Shop Near Me

You cannot go wrong with these online bike stores if you are looking for a reasonably priced but good-quality electric bike:

  • Bike Inn
  • Amazon 
  • Bikes Direct
  • Overstock
  • Evans Cycles

Remember, you can also visit the manufacturer’s website to buy an e-bike. 

Best Mountain Bike Shop Near Me

So many bike shops deal with mountain bikes, so there’s much to choose from. But if you are looking for a seller that promises value for money and bike variety, consider these:

  • REI 
  • Moose Jaw
  • Competitive Cyclist
  • Backcountry
  • Jenson USA
  • Universal Cycles

You can also check out Amazon for the most budget-friendly mountain bikes for all ages, genders, and sizes.

Best BMX Bike Shop Near Me

Ideally, you can get a BMX bike directly from the manufacturer. That includes the likes of Haro bikes, Sunday, Mongoose BMX, Giant, and WeThePeople.

However, if you want a variety of BMX brands under one roof, visit any of these stores near you:

  • Evans Cycles
  • Overstock
  • REI
  • Amazon
  • Amain Cycling
  • Bicycle Warehouse
Best BMX Bike Shop Near Me

Best Dirt Bike Shop Near Me

Here are the best dirt bike shops near you:

  • DirtBikeBitz
  • Orion Powersports
  • Amazon 

Best Bike Repair Near Me

Not all bike stores offer repair services as most concentrate on selling. However, some offer both. They include:

  • The Bike Zone – Offers bike repair services around Ontario, Canada, together with bike dealer services.
  • Archers Bikes – Offers bike repair, bike trade-in, bike rental, and bike sale services around the wider Arizona area.

Best Bike Paint Shop Near Me

If you are looking for a bike store where you can have your bike painted, consider the following:

  • Element6.US

Best Online Bike Shop Summary

Generally, there are so many bike shops near you, and you only need to know what names to search for. It all depends on your location, budget, and the type of bike you want. 

From the above review, we can summarize the stores as follows:

  • Giant– & – Best Bike Shops for Pro Riders
  • Amazon, Bikes Direct, Overstock, and Dicks – Best Bike Shops for Budget Buyers
  • REI and the – Best Bike Shops for Mountain Bike
  • The Pro’s Closet, Bike Exchange, and eBay – Best Bike Shops for Discount Bikes
  • Evans Cycles, Bicycle Warehouse, and Amazon – Best Bike Shops for BMX
  • DirtBikeBitz and – Best Bike Shops for Dirt Bikes
  • and – Best Bike Paint Shop