Dirt Bikes for Sale Near Me (11 Best Dirt Bike Stores!)

Generally, a dirt bike is unrivaled when taking on not just the off-road but the very harshest of conditions. So, it’s understandable to be searching for dirt bikes for sale near me when you are a diehard adventure seeker. 

So many online shops sell dirt bikes all over the united states, which include Sears, Cycle Trader, USA Dirt Bike, Superior Powersports, Orion Powersports, Amazon, and Wholesale ATV, to name a few. 

This guide will explore all these stores where you can get a new dirt bike for professional dirt racing or fun riding.  We will also look at stores in the United States selling used dirt bikes and those specializing in specific top brands such as Yamaha, Apollo, and Honda. 

So, let’s jump into it!

Dirt Bikes for Sale Near Me

11 Best Online Stores for Dirt Bikes for Sale Near Me

If you are wondering where to buy dirt bikes online in the United States, consider these top online dirt bike stores near you:

1. Sears

Sears stocks hundreds of brand-new dirt bikes by brands like MotoTec, Razor, and Hover Heart. So, while they are not associated with traditional giants like Honda, Apollo, and Yamaha, they offer a wide range of budget dirt bikes for anyone who cannot afford a high-end off-road motorcycle.

Sears has stores all over the united states, and you can use their store locator to center the search in your state.

2. Cycle Trader

Cycle Trader is another online store that allows you to order a dirt bike near you anywhere in the US. Unlike Sears, Cycle Trader lets you shop for top brands like Honda, KTM, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Beta, and Suzuki.

While these brands are often costlier, they primarily target pro motocross riders. If you want a low-budget casual dirt racing dirt bike from Cycle Traders, you can go for brands like Kayo, USA, Ice Bear, and Apollo, which you can get for under $1000.

3. USA Dirt Bike (Best for Budget Dirt Bikes)

Now, if you are looking for an American original, a dirt bike genuinely made in the United States, then the online store to visit is USA Dirt Bike.

This online marketplace stocks low-engine capacity dirt bikes (50cc – 125cc) that are best for kids, beginner adults, and casual riders. They are generally budget-friendly since most cost under $500. 

USA Dirt Bike promises a reliable marketplace where you can shop for popular brands like SYX-Moto, GB Moto, Apollo, and MotoTec.

4. Superior Powersports

Though based in Texas, Superior Powersports allows you to order a dirt bike from them anywhere in the United States at lower and competitive prices, and they deliver.

The dirt bike dealer imports its dirt bikes directly from the manufacturer, which means you get a genuine thing without the hefty cost of many intermediaries.

Superior Powersports supplies dirt bikes with varying engine displacements from 70cc to 250cc. And as far as the brand name goes, they deal with notable brands like Apollo, Coolster, Vitacci, Ice Bear, and Tao Motor.

5. Orion Powersports

Orion Powersports specializes in ATVs, dirt, pit, and enduro dirt bikes, among many other off-road bikes. The bike supplier rides on the wave of ‘fun factor,’ which means its dirt bikes are all about exceptional pleasure. 

Today, its top-selling dirt bike brand is Apollo, but you can get options like Speed Max, RPS, and their own Orion Powersports dirt bike. These dirt bikes come fully assembled; you can get most of them for slightly under $1,000.

6. Amazon (Best for dirt bikes near me for kids)

Overall, talking about the best dirt bikes for sale is hard without mentioning Amazon. The retail giant stocks various dirt bike brands such as Xpro, Apollo, SYX Moto, FRP, Razor, and XtremepowerUS.

Overall, if you are looking for ‘dirt bikes for sale for kids on a budget, consider Razor dirt bikes on Amazon. You can get several options under $500 and a few others slightly more. 

Best for dirt bikes near me for kids

7. Wholesale ATV

Though Wholesale ATV is known for supplying dirt bikes to wholesalers, you can order a single dirt bike for your use from them at the best price. 

They deliver nationwide, and they get their supplies directly from the manufacturers. Some of their top-selling brands include Apollo, SYX Moto, Vitacci, Ice Bear, and Tao.

While wholesale ATV stocks dirt bikes at different price points, you can get some under $950.

8. Venom Motorsports USA (Best for dirt bikes near me for adults)

If earnestly searching for a dirt bike near you anywhere in the US or Canada, the store to visit is Venom Motorsports. This online retailer has outlets in Texas, Georgia, and California in the United States and Ottawa in Canada.

But as I said, they supply everywhere in these two countries. As far as the brands go, Venom Thunder, Venom XR-125, Venom Spyx Moto, and Venom MX60 are among the best sellers. Venom dirt bikes suit professional dirt racers, especially youths and adults. 

9. MX Locker

Now, if you are interested in a Suzuki, Honda, KTM, or Yamaha dirt bike anywhere in the US, you cannot go wrong with MX Locker.

This dirt bike search engine allows you to find the most recent releases by these top brands and older editions.  So, whether you are a Pro MX rider or a collector of early releases, you can locate your target dirt bike on MX Locker.

The dirt bikes are highly priced, thus only best for serious MX racers who want to compete or collectors who want something pricey to keep.

10. Family Go Karts

Family Go Karts is a top seller in the dirt bike and pit bike sectors. They stock dirt bikes for families, as the name suggests. So, whether you want a dirt bike for kids, youths, or adults, you can get it on Family Go Karts.

Their biggest attractions are their product variety and fair prices. The platform allows you to shop for brands like Vitacci, Apollo, Coolster, Tao, and Trail Master for under $1,000. 

Their dirt bikes come with varying engine displacements ranging from 50cc to 300cc to suit a variety of uses.

11. Alibaba 

We complete our list of dirt bikes for sale with Alibaba. While Alibaba sells most of its dirt bikes in sets, you can still get single-piece options to buy. 

Their dirt bikes may not be the highest end, but they are affordable and decent in specs. You can get some under $500, excluding the shipping costs.

Used Dirt Bikes for Sale Near Me

Used Dirt Bikes for Sale Near Me

Consider these online stores when searching for used dirt bikes for sale near you in the US:

  • Used Motorcycle Store – Used Motorcycle Store allows you to find pre-owned dirt bikes in good condition by brands like Kawasaki, Honda, KTM, and Honda. 
  • Cycle Trader – Cycle Trader doesn’t just allow you to shop for brand new dirt bikes but used ones too. You can find dirt bike owners near you who want to sell off their precious engines. 
  • Used for Sale – As the name suggests, used for sale is an ads website where you can get anything used for sale, including dirt bikes. The platform allows you to set custom alerts to save you from browsing daily.
  • Powersports Max – Powersports Max offers you a variety of dirt bikes at friendly prices. So, while the dirt bikes are not 100% used, they aren’t 100% brand new either but refurbished. 
  • Others – You can also get used dirt bikes on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and craigslist.

Yamaha Dirt Bikes for Sale Near Me

When it comes to Yamaha dirt bikes for sale in the US, these two platforms stand out:

  • Yamaha Motorsports – Yamaha Motorsports is irrefutable the powerhouse of Yamaha off-road bikes, including dirt bikes. There, you can find just about any Yamaha dirt bike. 
  • Cycle Trader – Cycle Trader allows you to find the latest Yamaha dirt bike releases, among other models, based on location.

Honda Dirt Bikes for Sale Near Me

Consider these stores when shopping for a Honda dirt bike near you:

  • Powersports Honda – There is no better place to look for any Honda dirt bike model than Powersports. Honda. You’ll find the best pro-level MX and street racing dirt bikes by Japanese giant Honda.
  • Cycle Trader – Cycle Trader allows you to shop for new Honda dirt bikes, among many other models. Just pick a model and your location.
  • MX Locker – MX Locker is an exciting platform to compare Honda dirt bikes and other brands such as KTM, Yamaha, and Suzuki.

Apollo Dirt Bikes for Sale Near Me

So many online stores sell Apollo dirt bikes, and they include:

  • Amazon 
  • Apollo ATVs
  • Orion Powersports
  • Family Go Karts
  • Cycle Traders
  • Wholesale ATV
  • Superior Powersports

Closing Remarks

Now that you know where to find ‘dirt bikes for sale near me,’ you can visit any of the stores from the comfort of your home to shop for a dirt bike. Consider shopping for the best deals as all these stores differ in offers.