How Fast Do Dirt Bikes Go? (Dirt Bike Speed Shared!)

Dirt bikes are mainly designed to ride on unpaved terrains and rough surfaces. While you expect them to be pretty fast off-road, how fast do dirt bikes go?

Most dirt bikes can hit 50-60 mph, and some with a higher engine displacement can rock 100mph or slightly higher. Nonetheless, we’ve some decent electric options that average 15-40mph, which are best for kids and entry riders.

Overall, several factors determine the highest speed a dirt bike can attain. These are the bike’s weight and rider’s weight, terrain type, whether you are going uphill or downhill, engine type, horsepower strength produced by the engine, and suspension. 

We’ll discuss the different types of dirt bike engines and how fast each can go. But first, let’s define a ‘dirt bike.’

How Fast Do Dirt Bikes Go

In a rush? See below a table showing how fast dirt bikes go:

Dirt Bike Top Speed

Engine Size (CC)Average Top Speed

What Is a Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes or off-road motorcycles are intended for off-road terrains, such as unpaved surfaces, snow, mud, gravel, and sand.

They have rugged-knobby tires for a firm grip on such surfaces. The bikes are lighter and more flexible than other bikes, with a lengthy suspension and a high ground clearance.

Dirt bikes are also geared higher to produce more torque.

How Fast Do Dirt Bikes Go?

A dirt bike’s average speed is between 50miles/hr and 60miles/hr. They, however, can go up to 100miles/hr. That will depend on whom the bike is for – young adults, children, or adults.

The most suitable engine displacement in cubic centimeters is 50cc to 150cc, while that of adults is between 230cc and 450cc.

How does the cubic centimeter of a bike affect its speed?

Bigger cylinders tend to have higher cc, increasing their ability to digest air and fuel.

When cc is higher, fuel consumption per stroke increases, leading to higher power and torque production. More torque means a higher rotational force of an object around its axis, and when the horsepower is high as well, it results in high top speed.

Because of the terrain these bikes are specially designed for; it is best to use the average speed. In general, dirt bikes are not for high speed. 

I will now discuss the speed each dirt bike can attain as it corresponds to its cc.

On Average, How Fast Does A 50cc Dirt Bike Go?

The 50cc dirt bikes are small in size and are specially for kids. A 50cc dirt bike comes in three types, namely, motocross, trail, and electric, and they each have a different speed range.

In the market, you will find a 50cc electric dirt bike with a top speed of 15mph. A 50cc trail dirt bike can have a speed range of 25-40mph, while a 50cc motocross dirt bike can attain a top speed of 45mph, making it more suitable for kids with much more biking experience.

Overall, this bike’s highest speed largely depends on the bike type, brand, engine design, and terrain.

How Fast Does 70cc Dirt Bike Go?

On average, a 70cc dirt bike can reach a speed of 35mph to 40mph but could also reach a top speed of 50mph. However, riding within the speed range of 35mph to 40mph is advisable.

There are two versions of a 70cc dirt bike on the market: two-stroke and four-stroke.

In the two-stroke internal combustion engine, entire combustion is completed in only one complete revolution of the crankshaft. In contrast, a four-stroke engine takes two full revolutions of the crankshaft.

That makes a two-stroke engine 70cc dirt bike faster than a four-stroke engine 70cc dirt bike.

How Fast Does A 80cc Dirt Bike Go?

There are two types of 80cc dirt bikes: mini and standard bikes. The 80cc mini dirt bikes can reach up to a maximum speed of 23mph, and it’s best for kids 8-12yrs.

The average speed range of a standard 80cc dirt bike is 40mph to 50mph. With more effort, however, it can reach 60-85mph.

Ideally, how much the bike weighs will determine what speed it can attain.

Because of the terrain, a dirt bike is designed for the average speed most riders use is 35mph on rough surfaces, while hitting top speeds of 60mph to 85mph when going downhill or riding on smooth surfaces.

An 80cc dirt bike also features a two-stroke and four-stroke engine. A two-stroke 80cc dirt bike has more power and more ignition strokes. It is faster and hence a bit harder to control.

On the other hand, a four-stroke 80cc dirt bike is heavier, quieter while riding, and slower, making it easier to control.

A four-stroke engine 80cc dirt bike will be more suitable for a beginner.

How Fast Does A 100cc Dirt Bike Go?

While considering factors such as terrain type, rider’s weight and experience, engine strength, and suspension, the average speed range of a 100cc dirt bike is 45mph to 65mph.

The 100cc dirt bikes come in two-stroke and four-stroke engines. On average, a two-stroke 100cc dirt bike can achieve a speed range of 55mph to 65mph.

That is because it is lighter and more potent than a four-stroke 100cc dirt bike, whose top speed is between 45mph and 55mph.

The 100cc dirt bike is suitable for kids 10-12 years. Nonetheless, adults weighing less than 73kg and under 5’3″ can ride this bike. It has a powerful engine, giving up to 50HP or more.

How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go

How Fast Do 110cc Dirt Bikes Go?

The 110cc dirt bikes are suitable for kids 9-14 years and smaller adults. They have an average speed of 35mph to 45mph, with more modern ones attaining a top speed of 60mph.

That means that the highest speed you can achieve depends on the brand and make of the bike.

Like other dirt bikes discussed, 110cc dirt bikes feature two-stroke and four-stroke engines. A two-stroke engine dirt bike will have a higher speed than a four-stroke engine dirt bike.

A four-stroke 110cc dirt bike offers smoother rides since it’s slower and has more balance. It is more suitable for beginners. The average top speed it can reach is 40mph.

A two-stroke 110cc dirt bike has more power and can reach a top speed of 45mph.

How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go?

A 125cc dirt bike has a speed range of 50-70mph, but an experienced rider can push it to 100mph. However, high speed for a long time is not ideal since it has a small engine.

The 125cc dirt bike engine can produce up to 33-36HP. It features both two-stroke and four-stroke engines.

The two-stroke engine dirt bike can attain a maximum speed of 70mph.

A four-stroke engine bike is bigger and heavier, reaching a maximum speed of 50mph. This type of dirt bike is suited for kids of age 12-15yrs. Since it’s a bit tall, the rider should be between 5’5″ and 5’11” tall.

Some factors, such as the model of the bike and the rider’s weight, play a significant role in the top speed one can achieve.

How Fast Does A 150cc Dirt Bike Go?

The 150cc dirt bike engine has two categories: liquid-cooled and air-cooled. Air-cooled engines are less powerful and much slower, achieving a top speed of 40mph, while liquid-cooled engines have more power and can go up to 60mph.

These engines are also available in two-stroke and four-stroke. The two-stroke engine bike will have more power and can go faster than a four-stroke engine bike.

Certain factors need consideration to achieve the top speeds of these engine types. For instance, a rider weighing more than 200 pounds will slow down the bike because of its lightweight materials.

The 150cc dirt bike is mainly for adults of about 5 feet tall. With much effort, this bike can reach a top speed of 80mph.

On Average, How Fast Does A 250cc Dirt Bike Go?

A 250cc dirt bike is an adult bike reaching up to 70-85mph. When pushed to its limit, it can go up to 100mph.

The two-engine features, two-stroke, and four-stroke, determine the highest speed the bike can attain under normal riding conditions.

The two-stroke engine 250cc dirt bike can comfortably attain a speed range of 80-85mph, while the four-stroke engine 250cc dirt bike can go up to 70-80mph.

Factors such as rider’s weight, the weight of the bike, type of terrain, and engine size determine which one of these speeds the bike can reach.

How Fast Does A 450cc Dirt Bike Go?

A 450cc dirt bike can attain a top speed of 90mph! That’s 150km/hr. If you think that’s fast, more modern 450cc dirt bikes can go faster!

This dirt bike is primarily for adults weighing about 176 pounds. It features both two-stroke and four-stroke.

A two-stroke engine’s maximum speed is 90mph, while a four-stroke has an average speed of 87mph. However, these speeds will depend on the bike weight, bike, brand, height, and weight of the rider.

Even though a 450cc dirt bike can attain such high speeds, the fact that it’s a dirt bike means that it’s not mainly for riding at high speeds.

How Fast Can A 50cc Dirt Bike Go

Frequently Asked Questions:

            How Fast Can a Dirt Bike Go?

Depending on the rider’s age, weight, and experience of the rider, including the cc capacity of the bike, engine type, and terrain, a dirt bike’s top speed can range from 50mph to 90mph.

The lowest dirt bike speed is 15mph, a pace suitable for small kids. The more the cc, the higher the speed a dirt bike can attain.

            On Average, How Fast Can A 50cc Dirt Bike Go?

Most electric dirt bikes with a 50cc engine capacity have an average speed of 15mph. A 50cc trail bike can reach a speed of 25-40mph, depending on the size of the bike, while a 50cc motocross has a top speed of 45mph.

In Summary, How Fast Do Dirt Bikes Go?

Generally, while there is a wide range of dirt bikes, their top speed mainly depends on their cc capacity. Despite not being designed for speed, there are dirt bikes that can go as fast as 90-100mph.

Whatever top speed you can attain while riding a dirt bike depends on several factors, including but not limited to the terrain type, engine type and horsepower it produces, and suspension. They each have an age they are best for, ranging from kids as young as 3yrs old to adults.   

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