Are Apollo Dirt Bikes Good? 5 Reasons Explained!

With trusted and well-known brands like Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki bossing the dirt bike market, the name Apollo often escapes the mind of many. Those that stumble on the name often wonder, are Apollo dirt bikes good?

Apollo manufactures safe, reliable, fast, and budget-friendly entry-level and mid-range dirt bikes with good load capacities. As a result, its dirt bikes are good.

However, all is not green with Apollo dirt bikes. As good as they are, they also have their fair share of concerns, which we will look at later.

This guide will look at the good and bad of Apollo dirt bikes, discuss some of their best dirt bike ranges, and also answer some questions relating to Apollo dirt bikes. 

Let’s get started! But first, let’s look at Apollo’s brand history.

are Apollo dirt bikes good

Apollo Brand Overview 

Apollo, a Zhejiang Chinese-based manufacturing company, hailed the market in 2003 (nearly two decades ago) in Wuyi city. It’s known for manufacturing dirt bikes, electric bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, and spare parts. 

Though Apollo started as a small company, it is now built on a 64,000 square meter space and features many sectors, including testing labs, workshops, a head office, and software facilities. 

Its growth is, without a doubt, due to the growing desire for dirt bikes.

Its first unveiling was the Honda CRF 50 cc in 2005. Others that came along were the AGB – 21A (in 2006), and dual review for 2007 was the AGB – 27 and AGB – 29. In 2008, Apollo was happy to unveil AGB – the 30, and the production went high. 

Not only is Apollo an excellent and reliable dirt bike manufacturer, but the evidence is in awards that it has bagged in the years. 

For example, in 2017, Apollo bagged the Innovative Enterprise Award. In 2018 things went merrier, and the company bagged two awards, one in United Nations Distinguished Contribution Award and the other in Golden Horse Award. 

Those awards confirm that Apollo is a dependable dirt bike manufacturing company. 

Are Apollo Dirt Bikes Good or Bad?

Apollo dirt bikes are good. Below are some of the reasons these dirt bikes are good:

1. They Are Safe

When buying any dirt bike, one primary concern is the rider’s safety. Well, Apollo promises that and much more. 

For one, Apollo’s dirt bikes come with powerful suspension setups that absorb bumps. That ensures that you ride safely, even on rugged and aggressive terrains. 

Apollo dirt bikes also have a broader wheelbase that helps with excellent stability. 

You can also count on these bikes when riding on smooth ground. That is because they have hydraulic disc brakes that give you a quick stoppage. 

So, it’s evident that these dirt bikes are more likable and safer for kids and beginner riders. It’s essential, nonetheless, to put on the right dirt bike riding gear (Check on Amazon) to prevent injuries in case of a crash.

Is Apollo a Good Dirt Bike Brand

2. They Are Reliable 

Over the years, one thing that has been consistent in Apollo’s dirt bikes is their build quality. With its team of experts and terrific testing labs, Apollo manufactures dirt bikes that meet the buyer’s expectations. 

Their bikes are rigid, mostly in heavy-duty steel, making them solid and ideal for rough usage. 

Another fundamental thing that makes Apollo dirt bikes reliable is their engines. You will likely find most Apollo dirt bikes in 4-stroke engines that are strong and perform well. 

3. They Have Great Speed

Earlier, we mentioned the trophies that Apollo has bagged over the years. Well, this has been possible due to the bike’s incredible speed.

While the standard dirt bikes’ top speed is about 30 mph or less, you can expect Apollo dirt bikes to go further and faster. 

For example, while their 125cc dirt bikes reach a 55 mph top speed, their 250 cc bikes tackle a 70 mph top speed average on good road conditions. 

So, we can conclude that even though these bikes are not high-end, their speed is unquestionable. 

4. They Are Budget Friendly

Everyone can own an Apollo dirt bike. Here’s why. Though there are cheaper bikes than Apollo, their prices fall in between. But we can say they are the mid-range options. 

You can expect to spend $750 on kids’ options, $850 for younger adults and older kids, and $2500 for the most expensive high-end Apollo dirt bike.

But some may ask, why are Apollo dirt bikes so cheap? Apollo’s in-house manufacturing team helps research, design, and manufacture all their dirt bikes, which helps keep the price down. 

Another reason is that Apollo is a Chinese-based company, and that hints at the low cost of materials which also keeps the price down. Keep in mind that cheap isn’t always scary. You can get a good dirt bike that is cheap, durable, and serves its purpose. 

5. Have Good Carry Capacity

As we mentioned, most Apollo bikes are crafted from heavy-duty steel material. That translates to their excellent load capacity. They are capable of holding around 440 pounds. So, they are heavyweight carriers. 

The Bad

As good as Apollo dirt bikes are, they also have their fair share of concerns. One, their parts are not interchangeable with other models, so you have to look for Apollo brand parts for replacement. 

A few customers also complain about some parts’ mechanical issues, including the gas valve and exhaust.

And as far as user preference goes, Apollo dirt bikes are only best for entry-level dirt bikers and intermediates. If you are a pro rider who wants something competition-worthy, an Apollo dirt bike may not be suitable. That’s where brands like Yamaha and Honda reign supreme.

What Is the Best Apollo Dirt Bike

Apollo Dirt Bikes Range 

Apollo makes mid-range dirt bikes with varying engine capacities (cc). Let’s look at the most popular and fastest models below:

Apollo Dirt Bike 125 cc

The 125 cc Apollo dirt bike is toughly-built to take on the most challenging terrains. Though they are not the fastest, they are decent options with a 55 mph top speed. 

Some 125 cc excellent options are the Apollo RFZ X18, Apollo DB007, and Apollo DB – X18. The three options come in 4-stroke engines, have good brakes and good load capacities, and hit a top speed of 55 mph. 

Apollo 150 cc Dirt Bike

The second range is the 150 cc Apollo dirt bike with a 60 mph top speed. Mostly, these 150 ccs are famous for enduro races. One excellent option is the manual transmission Apollo RFZ Elite 150 cc.

Apollo Dirt Bike 250 cc

Lastly, we have the dirt bikes at the height of speed, the 250 cc that average a top speed of 70 mph under perfect road conditions. 

These engines come with great load capacities. One good example to look for is the Apollo AGB 36 dirt bike. 

It comes with an air-cooled 4-stroke engine and 15.6 FHP maximum horsepower, thus best for climbing hills. 

People Also Ask

1. Are Apollo 125cc Dirt Bikes Good?

The Apollo 125 cc is a decent dirt bike that averages 55 mph top speed. You can use this dirt bike for motocross races. The only drawback is their engine capacity, so they are not the best bet for advanced races.

2. Are Apollo Dirt Bikes Reliable?

In matters of reliability, there is no doubt that Apollo dirt bikes are reliable. They are strongly built, and most come with heavy-duty steel construction. Fixing them is also easy, making them reliable dirt bikes for beginners and mid-level riders. 

3. What Is the Best Apollo Dirt Bike?

Apollo makes a wide range of dirt bikes to suit riders of different ages and experiences. Pulling the best dirt bike is in no way easy, as most Apollo bikes are good quality options. 

However, 125 cc Apollo DB – X – 15 (manual option) and 125 cc Apollo DB – X – 16 are some of the best Apollo engines costing under $1,000.

4. Is Apollo a Good Dirt Bike Brand?

Many people think Apollo is not a good dirt bike brand since it’s a Chinese-based company. 

Well, the assumption isn’t correct. Apollo’s dirt bikes are good quality, reliable, safe, and come at different price points to meet every rider’s needs.

5. Why Are Apollo Dirt Bikes So Cheap?

Apollo’s dirt bikes are cheap for two reasons. One, since it’s a Chinese-based company, the raw materials are more affordable and easy to find. 

Second, the company has in-house manufacturing that deals with research, design, and manufacturing, making the prices low. 

In summary, are Apollo dirt bikes good?

Without a doubt, Apollo dirt bikes are good. They are safe, reliable, have great speed, and have excellent carry capacity, and you won’t need to break the bank to own one.

However, remember that they are suitable for entry-level and mid-range riders. You may have to consider brands like Yamaha and Honda if you want a more pro-level, competition-caliber dirt bike.