Does BMX Tire Width Matter? 4 Reasons it Does!

The tires are the heart of every BMX bike. They are an integral part that endures all the pressure and offers you a safe landing after a fairy-tale stunt or high jump. But given that these tires are available in varying widths, does BMX tire width matter?

BMX tire width matters because it determines the nature of your ride (if it’ll be smooth or otherwise), riding stability, performance, and endurance. Note, however, that choosing a BMX tire width depends on your BMX riding style, as I’ll explain.

So, the tire width has a say on how well you will land after a big jump, how smooth you will ride and how well you will have a good hold of your bike.

This guide will enlighten you on why BMX tire width matters and what to look for when buying your replacement BMX tires. I will also answer some questions relating to BMX tires later on.

But first, let’s see why your BMX tire width matter: 

BMX Bikes Tire Sizes

4 Reasons BMX Tire Width Matter

There are many reasons why your BMX tire width matters, but the most obvious ones include these four:

1. BMX Tire Width Determines the Nature of Your Ride

The BMX tire width determines whether you’ll have a smooth ride. But again, it depends on what you do with your BMX bike. Often, wider tires offer you a broader surface to land on, especially when doing the tricks, stunts, and mid-air jumps.

In that case, it becomes easy to have a cushioned landing even after a high-risk maneuver. That’s unlike someone landing on think tires.

Thinner tires, in contrast, have an advantage when it comes to racing on paved roads. They make BMX race bikes smoother to ride.

2. BMX Tire Width Determines Riding Stability 

One thing that should come to mind the next time you will be ordering your BMX tire is stability. You wouldn’t want a wobbly and weak bike! Would you?

That means you have to prioritize wire width, and the wider the tires, the more stable they are. Remember, bigger and broader tires give you a better ground footprint.

In the end, better ground foothold translates to better bike control.

3. Tire Width Dictates Performance

A good BMX performance is all about having good balance, grip, and control, which depends on the tire width. If you want to get the most out of this trio, you must carefully pick the tire width.

Go for a wider tire if you want more grip, balance, and control off-road. Slimmer tires should be off your list as a BMX rider and performer.

However, look for tires that can give you balance and ample cushioning when doing the tricks, stunts, and mid-air jumps. That, my friend, has to be broader and nothing less.

But if you are a racer, you may have to compromise on the tire width and settle for smoothing slightly narrower for fast riding.

4. Tire Width Determines Your BMXing Endurance

When it comes to broader BMX tires, they give you more endurance as they can take all the abuse and pressure.

Remember, when performing, all the hard hits and pressure go to your bike tires, and as the rule of thumb dictates, wider tires do the job better than slimmer ones. They are stronger, durable, and can take all the abuse you throw their way.

What Is the Widest BMX Tire

BMX Bikes Tire Sizes

Now that it’s incontestable that BMX tire width matters, the subsequent bone of contention is the tire size. So, what BMX tire size should you get?

You should pick the tire size depending on your BMX riding style. Overall, we’ve racing, freestyle, and jump BMX.

Let’s discuss the three.

1. Racing BMX Tire Sizes

The tire width range is 1.5 – 1.75 inches for the racing BMX bikes. If you own a pro BMX frame, the perfect tire width should be 1.75 inches, while on the expert model, you can go for 1.5 inches.

Overall, most people go for 1.75 inches over 1.5 inches because the former’s treads are not deep, thus giving you more traction with less resistance.

Here’s a table to use on racing BMX tire widths:

Tire WidthBMX Frame Size
1.75 inchesPro
1.5 inchesExpert

2. Freestyle BMX Tire Sizes

If you have the street model BMX bike with a pro frame, the best tire width option is 2.15 inches. This width is wide enough to give you better bike control and balance.

Note, however, that we’ve tires that are 1.75 inches in the freestyle world, which genuinely suit expert frames. We also have 1.3 inches and 1.1 inches best for junior and mini frames, respectively.

Here’s a table to use for freestyle BMX tire sizes:

Tire WidthBMX Frame Size
2.15 inchesPro
1.75 inchesExpert
1.3 inchesJunior
1.1 inchesMini

3. Jump BMX Tire Sizes

As for the jumping BMX, the tires are usually slimmer compared to the street BMX but slightly broader than the racing BMX.

Mostly, tires in this category range from 1.6 to about 2.0 inches. To make it easier for you, if you have a pro frame, you should go with tire widths that are 1.9 – 2.0 inches. But if you own the expert frame, 1.6-inch tire width will be the best choice.

These two tire sizes for your jumping BMX bike come with deep treading to give you a smooth landing after a high jump, as the deep tread promise better hold and surface traction.

Here’s a table to use for jump BMX tire sizes:

Tire WidthBMX Frame
1.9-2.0 inchesPro
1.6 inchesExpert

How to Choose the Right BMX Tire Width

Before you can shop for your BMX bike tires, there are a couple of things that you should get right. They include:

a) Know Your BMX Type

As stated earlier, BMX bikes come in 3 distinctive styles, and they all have different tire width preferences.

For example, in dirt racing, go for 1.7 inches for a pro model and 1.5 inches for expert and junior frames. On the other hand, go for 1.9 – 2.0 inches for a pro frame of a jump BMX bike and 1.6 inches for its expert frame.

Meanwhile, consider a tire width of 2.15 inches for a freestyle BMX with a pro frame, 1.75 inches for an expert frame, 1.3 inches for a junior frame, and 1.1 inches for a mini model.

So, as seen, before you can select the tire width for replacement, the one thing to take note of is the BMX bike you have.

Below is a table summary to use for the different BMX riding styles:

Frame SizeFreestyle BMX Tire SizeRacing BMX Tire SizeJump BMX Tire Size
Pro2.15 inches1.75 inches1.9 inches
Expert1.75 inches1.5 inches1.6 inches
Junior1.3 inches
Mini1.1 inches

b) Tire Treading

Tire tread determines how well you will control your bike, how perfectly you will land, and how smooth you can ride on a given terrain.

So, if you own the jumping BMX bike, go for deep and knobbier treading. The deep treads come in handy when holding the terrain, giving you a safe landing after a high jump or a magical stunt.

When it comes to street BMX, choose the tread according to the bike’s purpose. Choose the extra grip treads if you like riding on the urban tracks but go for knobbier grooves or deep slick treads if you like riding your BMX on the flatland.

Lastly, if you have dirt-track BMX for racing, go for options that offer less deep treading. Such selections provide less rolling resistance, enabling you to maintain a good speed.

Are All BMX Tires the Same Size

c) The PSI

Lastly, the other important thing to consider regarding BMX tires is the PSI (Per Square Inch).

When it comes to the tire pressure, remember that the PSI should be low when the tire width is wider, while if the tire width is narrow, the tire pressure should be high.

That said, consider the following PSIs for the different BMX bike types:

PSI for Racing BMX Bike

When it comes to the racing BMX option, one thing that you need is speed. So, in this case, your BMX tires should have over 100 PSI. The higher the tire pressure, the quicker and speedy your bike will be, which is what you need.

PSI for Jump BMX Bike

If you own a jumping BMX, prioritize safe landing. Your BMX tire should be in the bracket of 40 – 70 PSI for this to be the case.

PSI for Freestyle BMX Bike

If your BMX bike falls under the street type category, you need a smoother and cushioned ride, achievable if the tire pressure is between 40 – 70 PSI.

For more understanding of the PSI you need for your BMX tire, consider the table below:

Over 100Dirt-track racing BMX
40 – 70Freestyle BMX
40 – 70Jump BMX

People Also Ask

1. Does BMX Tire Width Have a Say On Speed?

Any bike tire width affects speed. In most cases, wider tires offer you more control but suffer the most rolling resistance. So, you won’t be able to go that fast with a BMX bike with wider tires as you would with slimmer options.

2. What Is the Widest BMX Tire?

You will find the widest tires on the freestyle BMX bikes on the pro frame model. They come with a tire width of 2.15 inches. That is essential because you need utmost control and good balance and the wider tires promise you that.

3. Are All BMX Tires the Same Size?

No! BMX bikes come with different tire sizes. We have 3 BMX bike types, and each has a specific purpose.

Each type also has various sizes that call for different tire widths. Refer to the table below to find the right tire size for your BMX bike type and frame size:

Frame SizeFreestyle BMX Tire SizeRacing BMX Tire SizeJump BMX Tire Size
Pro2.15 inches1.75 inches1.9 inches
Expert1.75 inches1.5 inches1.6 inches
Junior1.3 inches
Mini1.1 inches

4. Why Do BMX Bikes Have Thick Tires?

BMX bikes are commonly used for jumping, doing stunts, and doing magical tricks. So, their tires need to be thick enough to withstand all the pressure and abuse when landing.

In Summary – Does BMX Tire Width Matter? 

As discussed in this guide, there is no doubt that your BMX tire width matters a lot. The tire widths dictate your speed, bike control, riding stability, landing, endurance, and how well you will perform.

Use the guide to know the width of your BMX tire the next time you want a BMX tire for replacement.