How Much Does A BMX Bike Cost Today? (BMX Cost Estimates!)

When planning to buy a BMX bike, the obvious question that comes to mind is how much will it cost me? You have to wonder that, given the existence of so many BMX brands. So, how much does a BMX bike cost?

A BMX bike will cost you as low as $200-$350 for the base model to over $2000 for the exotic models. While the bike quality differentiates entry-level from exotic BMX, other factors determine the bike prices, which I’ll explain in this blog post.

Remember, we are talking about beginner choices when mentioning base models and high-end customizable options when referring to exotic BMX. So, there is an intermediate, which is not as expensive as the exotic, nor is it as cheap as the base model.

This guide shall look at all these categories, mentioning the brands associated with each and making relevant recommendations if you want to buy the bike.   

But first, let me discuss the individual factors that dictate BMX bike market prices. These factors will help you understand why you have to pay more for some BMX bicycles than others.

how much does a bmx bike cost

What Determines a BMX Bike Price?

Several factors play a part in BMX bike prices. They are the reason why some BMX bikes cost more than others, and they include:

1. Quality of the Frame

The bike frame is the primary price determinant for BMX bikes and all bicycles. High-end BMX bikes, which cost up to $2,000, usually feature carbon frames.


Carbon is high-end. The frames embody low weight, strength, and comfort, things every BMX rider wants in a bike.

How about aluminum and steel?

Aluminum is common on entry and intermediate BMX bikes, given its lighter weight (though not a match for carbon or titanium), strength, and durability. It’s more affordable than carbon and titanium but not as high-end.

You can expect to spend about $350-$700 on an aluminum BMX bike.

On the other hand, steel is arguably the strongest frame material, but it can also be the weakest, given that it can rust. Steel is also heavier, thus less comfortable for freestylers and BMX racers.

This material is common on entry-level BMX bikes, which are the cheapest. You can expect to spend $200-$350 on a steel BMX bike.

And lastly, there is Chromoly;

Chromoly is stronger, lighter, and more comfortable than steel. So, it fetches a higher price. Most intermediates and pro riders on a budget prefer steel for these qualities. Depending on the brand, you can expect to pay $500-$1,500 on Chromoly BMX bikes.

Now, that brings us to these BMX bike prices:

Frame MaterialAverage Price of BMX Bike
CarbonUp to $2,000

2. Brand Reputation

Some brands are more reputable than others. They have been in the game for too long that people trust their products. That’s the case with brands like Mongoose, Haro, Diamondback, and GT Bicycles.

Others are young but have achieved a lot within their short lifespan. It could be winning a major race or being endorsed by some of the most famous BMX freestylers. Examples are Sunday BMX, DK BMX, Elite BMX, and Subrosa, to name a few.

Overall, more reputable BMX bikes tend to price their bikes much higher than less known brands. That makes sense, given that these brands have a massive reputation to protect. So, you can count on them for quality bicycles.

How Expensive Are BMX Bikes

3. BMX Bike Size

Logic will tell you that an adult BMX cost more than a kids’ BMX. So, the bigger the BMX bike, the more you pay.

Remember, we are talking about the frame and wheel size here. As a result, you’ll pay more to replace either the frame or wheel of an adult BMX bike than a kids’ BMX.

Price-wise, while you can spend $200 or slightly more on a kids’ BMX bike, you can pay over that and up to $2,000 on an adult option, depending on the factors earlier discussed.

4. Quality of Components

The frame is not the only component that dictates a BMX bike’s price. Features like brakes, wheels, saddle, tires, and handlebars all have a say.

For example, the more puncture-resistant the tires are, and the more comfortable the saddle is, the costlier the BMX bike is likely to be. Likewise, the more high-end the brakes are, and the more ergonomic and maneuverable the handlebar is, the more you are likely to pay for the bicycle.

Expect stronger rims to cost more as they promise reliability and the ability to tolerate harsh conditions and huge weights.

5. Bike Maintenance

You cannot overlook the bike maintenance cost when picking a BMX bike. Depending on the quality of the bike, some BMX bikes call for more maintenance than others.

These bikes are often cheaper to buy, but since their maintenance is high-cost, you may have to think twice before purchasing.

How Much Does a BMX Cost?

A well-informed buyer is the best buyer; having an idea of what you need is the best option. Based on the factors we have discussed, we can narrow down the cost as follows;

Base Model ($200 – $350)

Expect to spend $200-$350 on a beginner BMX bike base model. Most kids’ bikes fall in this category and a few entry adult options.

Overall, base models are perfect for kids, beginners, and anyone on a budget that has yet to become a serious BMX rider. You’ll find them ins steel frames.

One fantastic base model for your consideration is the Framed Team BMX Bike. This adult BMX bike comes under budget and is perfect for entry-riders.

How Much Does a Custom BMX Bike Cost

Intermediate Model ($350-$700)

The name doesn’t refer to the experience level but the price range. So, these bikes suit advanced riders on a budget. They cost slightly more than the base model but are generally affordable.

You’ll find these bikes either in either aluminium or Chromoly frames, and a perfect reference point is the Mongoose Title Elite 24 (Check on Amazon). This race BMX bike is generally ideal for intermediates and pro BMX racers.

Another decent option is the Schwinn Sting Pro (Check on Amazon), perfect for intermediate or pro-level racing. You’ll get it in 20-inch and 24-inch wheel options.

How Much Does a Pro BMX Bike Cost

High-End ($1000 and above)

This category is the crème de la crème of Bicycle Motocross, flaunting carbon fiber frames and premium parts. Some of these bikes are customizable, fetching as much as $2,000.

Below is a table summary showing how much you can pay for different BMX bikes (BMX bike prices).

ModelAverage Price
Base Model$200-$350
High-End ModelUp to $2,000

Should You Buy a Base Model BMX and Upgrade It Later, Or Buy a High-End One Outright?

Let’s face it; it’s cheaper to buy a base model, which you can upgrade later. But does that make financial sense? It makes sense if you are just a casual rider who cannot afford a high-end BMX bike at the time.

But you have to factor in the cost of the upgrades, which can become expensive in the long run. Besides, there is always the risk of getting the wrong upgrades or buying substandard parts.

For a professional BMX rider, buying cheap so that you can upgrade later is not feasible enough. So, you would instead buy a high-end model outright if you can afford it than get a base model, which may cost you more to upgrade, and you may still not make it as high-end as you want.

Where to Get BMX Bikes?

There are many places to shop for a BMX bike, from your local store to online retailers. If you decide to buy online, I recommend buying from a reputable online store like Amazon, where you have the opportunity to read other customer reviews. Thus, it’s easy to know when you make the right purchase.

People Also Ask

1. Are BMX Bikes Worth It?

Whether you plan to buy one for yourself or gift your loved one, a BMX bike is worth it. Thanks to their robust build, the bikes will last a lifetime while being a good pass time and exercise source.

2. What Is a Good Price for A BMX?

While BMX bikes cost as low as $200, a good price for a decent BMX bike is about $350-$700, depending on the model, build quality, and size. Expect high-end BMX cycles, nonetheless, to cost much more.

3. Are BMX Expensive?

BMX bikes are not expensive, given that you can get an entry-level choice for $200-$350. There are, however, a few exotic options that fetch up to $2,00. They are, however, customizable, which means you pay for the customization.

4. How Much Do BMX Bikes Cost?

On a budget, you can get a decent entry-level BMX bike for $350-$500 and about $500-$700 for a pro-level choice. Customizable options, however, cost as much as $2000.

5. How Much Does It Cost to Build A BMX Bike?

Depending on the level of customization and the components you pick, building a BMX bike can cost you anything between $1,500 and $2,000. That’s undeniably costlier than buying a complete BMX bike. The advantage is that you get a BMX bike tailored to your needs.

6. How Much Does a Pro BMX Bike Cost?

A complete pro BMX bike costs about $700-$1,500. Custom-built options, however, cost more, some up to $2,000.

7. How Much Does a Custom BMX Bike Cost?

Depending on the components you opt for and the customization you prefer, a custom BMX bike can cost you $1,500-$2,000. The more the customization and personalization of the bicycle, the costlier it is.

8. Do I Buy A BMX Bike or Build My Own?

If you are new to BMXing, I recommend buying a complete bike. However, if you have experience building BMX bikes, you can buy a frame and pick the components you like. That allows you to customize it. The approach, however, may turn out expensive.  

In Conclusion – How Much Does a BMX Bike Cost?

As shared, you can expect to spend $200-$350 on an entry-level BMX if you are on a budget and up to $2000 on an exotic, customized option. So, there is a BMX bike for every budget. What’s important is that you prioritize bike quality and durability, even though it may mean spending a few dollars extra.