What Are Cruiser Bikes Good for? (Explained with Examples)

what are cruiser bikes good for

Knowing a bike and its purpose is an introduction to an excellent ride. Given the features of a cruiser bike, one question that comes to mind is, what are cruiser bikes good for? Well, cruiser bikes, or beach cruisers, as they are known best, are slow-speed, short-distance bikes that thrive on riding on the beach … Read more

Are Apollo Dirt Bikes Good? 5 Reasons Explained!

are Apollo dirt bikes good

With trusted and well-known brands like Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki bossing the dirt bike market, the name Apollo often escapes the mind of many. Those that stumble on the name often wonder, are Apollo dirt bikes good? Apollo manufactures safe, reliable, fast, and budget-friendly entry-level and mid-range dirt bikes with good load capacities. As a result, … Read more

Today, Do You Need a License for A Dirt Bike? (Answered!)

do you need a license for a dirt bike

Dirt bike riding is fun. However, the big question is, do you need a license for a dirt bike? You don’t need a license when riding your dirt bike in trails, parks, private property, or motocross tracks. However, you need a dirt bike license when riding on public roads.  But before you can have a … Read more

How Fast Do Dirt Bikes Go? (Dirt Bike Speed Shared!)

How Fast Can a Dirt Bike Go

Dirt bikes are mainly designed to ride on unpaved terrains and rough surfaces. While you expect them to be pretty fast off-road, how fast do dirt bikes go? Most dirt bikes can hit 50-60 mph, and some with a higher engine displacement can rock 100mph or slightly higher. Nonetheless, we’ve some decent electric options that … Read more

7 Types of Dirt Bikes and their Purposes Explained!

different types of dirt bikes

The market is full of dirt bikes. But with the many different types of dirt bikes, it may be a doubting task to choose one.  Common dirt bikes include dual sport, motocross, enduro, trail, supermoto, adventure, and trail dirt bikes. Each has its purpose and design, and so you’ve to keep those basics in mind … Read more

How to Measure Inseam for Bike in 6 Simple Steps

how to measure inseam for bike

Generally, knowing how to measure inseam for bike is imperative in getting a bike that fits. That’s more important when buying a kids’ bike or BMX, and that’s where this simple guide comes in. To measure the inseam, you need to stand straight, preferably against the wall, with your shoes off. Then, place a hardcover … Read more

Frankly, Can You Ride a Mountain Bike On the Road?

can you ride a mountain bike on the road

Mountain bikes are traditionally designed for use on mountainous terrains, rocky roads, unpaved surfaces, and a range of other technical trails. But you’ve to ask, can you ride a mountain bike on the road? While you can easily ride cross-country mountain bikes on the road because of their lighter build and swiftness, you may need … Read more