What Are BMX Bikes Good for? Everything About BMX!

Are you looking for a bike that performs magical stunts and tricks? Maybe you have heard of BMX bikes, and you wonder, ‘what are BMX bikes good for?’

Well, BMX bikes are suitable for stunts and off-road racing. You can also ride them for short trials, commuting, street riding, and mountain biking. However, you must upgrade it to perform on these different terrains conveniently.

This guide will explain more about the uses of a BMX bike and what they are perfect for, and how you can upgrade it to suit different terrains. I will also answer some doubting questions regarding the topic.

Let’s get started:

Is A BMX Bike Good for Commuting

What Are BMX Bikes Good for?

BMX bikes are designed for stunts and racing off-road. That is because these bikes feature a small frame, lower wheelbase, rigid geometry, shorter overall height, and thus best suited for aggressive off-road short rides and stunts.

However, it’s worth noting that BMX bikes are not best for long-distance racing or daily work commutes unless you upgrade them, which can also be expensive.

So, with that in mind, BMX bikes are best for short-distance rides and performing tricks.

Is A BMX Bike Good for Commuting?

With all certainty, BMX bikes are not meant for tackling long rides. As seen earlier, BMX bikes come in smaller tire sizes, lower standover height, and a smaller geometry. Thus, the bikes will not give you the utmost comfort when riding long distances.

If you are an experienced rider, you will agree with me that it feels nice being able to stretch your legs when riding long distances, right? 

Unfortunately, this is not what you get with a BMX bike. Essentially, that’s because they aren’t built for long rides but short rides and stunts.

They are usually better-ridden when standing, which is unlikely when you hit 3 or 4 miles.

One BMX bike that stands tall in the short distances is the Schwinn Sting Pro Predator ( Check on Amazon).

This BMX comes with a shorter frame to maneuver in different road types.

Are BMX Bikes Good for Street Riding

The Upgrades for Commuting with a BMX

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy a longer ride using your favorite BMX. You only need a few upgrades and will be ready to hit the road like never before.

Below are the upgrades to make:

  • Install A Gear System

As you know by now, BMX bikes have one gear. So, if you want it to tackle long rides and flexibly control speed, you should install two or more gears.

  • Rise Your Saddle

Again, BMX bikes are better ridden while standing. However, if you want to commute with it, you will feel uncomfortable and tired when riding long distances.

So, one way to solve this is by raising the seat around your waist.

But for maximum comfortability, you can upgrade your BMX bike seat. Remember, riding long hours requires utmost comfort.

One saddle that defines comfortability is the Velmia Memory Foam Bike Saddle (Check on Amazon). This saddle comes in an ergonomic design and has memory foam to cushion your butt and groin.

Are BMX Bikes Good for Trails
  • Add A Suspension

BMX bicycles usually come with no suspension. This is to give you maximum power and thrust when performing stunts.

However, if you want a BMX to ride on long rides, you need to add a suspension system to your BMX.

This will help absorb shock when riding on challenging terrains like rocky and rough terrains. A suspension will also give you a good grip and less pressure.

  • Change Wheels

BMX bicycles come entirely with small wheel sizes, mostly 20 and 24 inches. So, to suit the off-road, you should consider installing bigger and larger wheels like that of a mountain bike.

However, you should also consider that it may not work perfectly because other bike components are BMXs.

Are BMX Bikes Good for Street Riding?

BMX is not only a racer but a freestyle that thrives well in the streets. These bikes come in rugged and robust builds and lightweight for performing tricks and easy maneuvers.

That said, you can ride them on both the urban and suburban streets.

One excellent BMX bike that you can ride comfortably on the streets anytime is the Redline Bikes Rival Freestyle BMX (Check on Amazon). This freestyle BMX comes in a robust frame, 20-inch wheels, and powerful brakes for excellent speed control.

Another great pick that is my all-time favorite that you can ride on the streets is the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX (Check on Amazon). This bike comes in a rugged and robust build, and it takes on street-riding hassle-free.

Can You Use A BMX for Mountain Biking

Are BMX Bikes Good for Trails?

Yes, BMX bikes are suitable for trails, but it depends on the type of trail. BMX bikes usually have a robust and solid build that makes them perfect for jumps.

However, since BMX is a sporty bike, there’s a limit on its trail performance. Since it’s a single-speed, it can be a neck breaker to take it on challenging terrains with stones, holes, and when you need to make lots of turns.

So, even if I agree with BMX thriving well on trails, it’s only better suited for less rough trails.

Can You Use A BMX for Mountain Biking?

Yes! You can take your BMX bike on mountainous terrains, but there is a caveat. It’s only a good idea to take it to the mountains if you are a pro cyclist, but you won’t like the experience if you are a kid biker or beginner.

Again, since BMX bicycles have low seats and are better-ridden standing, it will take a toll on your energy climbing, and you will likely get exhausted quickly climbing the mountain while standing.

Furthermore, since these bikes are single-geared, you need to keep changing the speed and shifting the gears.

But with all these troubles, it’s still possible to take a BMX to the mountain. As stated above, you can do this by upgrading the gears and raising the seat post.

Are BMX Bikes Good for Cruising?

If you are looking for a bike you can cruise around with, you should bypass BMX bikes. So, are BMX bikes suitable for cruising? The definite answer is NO, and here’s why.

BMX bicycles are designed for specific purposes. That includes performing stunts and short-distance races.

They are not ideal for long-distance rides because of their low seats. That means they are better-ridden when standing and aren’t the most suitable choice for cruising.

However, if you have one that you intend to cruise with, you should consider upgrading it, which could be expensive in the end.  

People Also Ask

Can BMX Bikes Go Off-road?

Yes! BMX bikes are solely designed for the off-road. It is primarily suited for thrilling stunts and short-distance races. It features a small but rigid frame geometry, lower wheel height, shorter standover height, and overall lightweight.

Are BMX Bikes Good for Riding Around?

BMX bikes are, without a doubt, good for riding around. However, they are only best for taking short distances and not long ones. Also, you are likely to have a better experience riding on plain terrain than hilly ones.

What Are BMX Bikes Good for? Closing Thought

It’s now clear BMX bicycles are designed for stunts and short rides and not best for long rides. However, as seen, you can still use them on various terrains if only you upgrade them. But, remember, it means going deeper into your pocket, which is not worth it.

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