26 vs 29 BMX Bikes – What Suits You?

26 vs 29 BMX bikes

Getting the perfect BMX bike size isn’t an easy thing. You might therefore wonder, in the titanic battle pitting the 26 vs 29 BMX bikes, who wins? And why? Generally, both the 26 inch and 29 inch BMX bikes cater for tall riders. However, the 26 inch BMX bike suits guys who are 5’6″ to … Read more

Why Are BMX Bikes So Small? 5 Reasons Explained!

Why Are BMX Bikes So Small

Have you wanted to buy your next bike, but all that revolves around your mind is a BMX bike. You then dive deeper in your search, but you wonder, why are BMX bikes so small? BMX bikes are small because they have small wheels, compact sprockets, smaller cranks, and low seats, and they were initially … Read more

What Are BMX Bikes Good for? Everything About BMX!

what are BMX bikes good for

Are you looking for a bike that performs magical stunts and tricks? Maybe you have heard of BMX bikes, and you wonder, ‘what are BMX bikes good for?’ Well, BMX bikes are suitable for stunts and off-road racing. You can also ride them for short trials, commuting, street riding, and mountain biking. However, you must upgrade … Read more

24 inch BMX Bikes: Can Adults Ride Them?

can adults ride 24 inch bmx bikes

Your neighbor has recently bought a spanking new 24 inch BMX bike to ride alongside their kid. You, the six-foot-plus individual next door, are now suffering after being bitten by a severe case of BMX bike envy bug. We can warrant a guess that your next Google search will be, “Can adults ride 24 inch … Read more

Are BMX Bikes Good for Long Distance? (5 Reasons!)

are BMX bikes good for long distance

With most racing BMX bikes capable of hitting 35mph or more, it’s tempting to want to ride them long distances. But are BMX bikes good for long distance? Unfortunately, no! BMX bikes are not good for long distance. BMX bikes have small frames, single gears, low seats, and lack suspension, thus uncomfortable long distances. They … Read more

Can Adults Ride 20 Inch BMX Bikes? (What to Know!)

can adults ride 20 inch BMX bikes

Considered standard size for BMX, 20 inch BMX bikes are widespread among kids and youths. That, however, doesn’t mean that they are the only ones to ride them. So, can adults ride 20 inch BMX bikes, and if yes, who? Yes, adults can ride 20 inch BMX bikes if the bike top-tube lengths and frame … Read more

Why Do BMX Bikes Have Low Seats? 5 Reasons Explained!

Call it odd, but one thing most people notice when they set their eyes on a BMX for the first time is their low seat. So, why do BMX bikes have low seats? BMX bikes generally have low seats to enjoy better clearance for easy stunts. Moreover, low seats offer riders more grip and momentum … Read more

Can Adults Ride BMX Bikes? (4 Reasons Uncovered!)

What Is a Good BMX for Adults

BMX riding is fun. It also makes the rider fitter, making us adults envy our youngsters. But why envy them when we could join the fun? But before you make up your mind, can adults ride BMX bikes?   Yes, adults can ride BMX bikes as BMX bikes have no age limits and are easy … Read more

Is BMX an Olympic Sport? (Quick Answer!)

It’s every professional cyclist’s dream to compete at the Olympics, and that includes BMX die-hards. We want to showcase our stunts and possibly win a medal for ourselves and our country. But is BMX an Olympic sport? The International Olympic Committee (IOC) introduced BMX racing during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and just recently, during the … Read more