Are Mongoose Bikes Good? (Explained with Examples)

are Mongoose bikes good

Mongoose has enjoyed over three decades since it entered the market. The brand makes many bikes, including BMX, MTB, urban, and kid’s bikes. But are Mongoose bikes good? Mongoose bikes are a decent choice for beginners and intermediate riders. Their bikes are affordable, sturdily built, beginner friendly, come in a wide range, and the best … Read more

Is A Fat Tire Bike Worth It? Fat Bikes Reviewed!

is a fat tire bike worth it

Fat-tire bikes date back to the 90s. But since 2015, these bikes have steadily gained popularity. But before you can make a conclusive decision about buying one, it’s good to ask, ‘what is a fat tire bike good for?’ Fat bikes are good for riding on diverse terrains, especially technical ones like snow, beaches, mud … Read more

Best Bikes For 300 Lbs Woman (A Buyer’s Guide!)

bikes for 300 lbs woman

Getting a bike for a 300 lb woman can be a doubting task. Unlike heavyweight men, plus-size women are curvier, and getting a bike that comfortably holds their weight takes much work. But the question remains, are there bikes for 300 lbs woman? Well, the short answer is YES! However, it would be best if … Read more

What Are Cruiser Bikes Good for? (Explained with Examples)

what are cruiser bikes good for

Knowing a bike and its purpose is an introduction to an excellent ride. Given the features of a cruiser bike, one question that comes to mind is, what are cruiser bikes good for? Well, cruiser bikes, or beach cruisers, as they are known best, are slow-speed, short-distance bikes that thrive on riding on the beach … Read more

Are Apollo Dirt Bikes Good? 5 Reasons Explained!

are Apollo dirt bikes good

With trusted and well-known brands like Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki bossing the dirt bike market, the name Apollo often escapes the mind of many. Those that stumble on the name often wonder, are Apollo dirt bikes good? Apollo manufactures safe, reliable, fast, and budget-friendly entry-level and mid-range dirt bikes with good load capacities. As a result, … Read more

What Muscles Does Cycling Tone? (6 Muscles Explained!)

what muscles does cycling tone

Cycling has many health and fitness benefits for the body, and one of the fitness benefits is muscle toning. But what muscles does cycling tone? Cycling tones your upper and lower body muscles. Some of the muscles that cycling tones include the calf muscles, thigh muscles, core muscles, arm muscles, glutes, and the muscles on … Read more